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Hey hey, Ashley here! Today’s episode takes us on a unique journey where the challenges of surfing parallels the challenging path of growing a coaching business online. As your Christian business coach, I’m thrilled to share how my time in Costa Rica with my family wasn’t just a sabbatical but a period of profound learning and reflection, not just in life but in my coaching business as well.

The Fear of Big Waves

During our stay in Costa Rica, I found myself hesitating to get out onto the more intimidating, larger waves. It struck me how this fear mirrored the trepidation we often feel in online business. Just like how facing the big waves in Costa Rica seemed daunting, taking bold steps in our online business ventures can feel equally formidable. However, both the big waves and the challenges in the online business space share a common trait – they’re both conquerable with the right mindset and guidance!

The Importance of Having a Mentor

I decided to approach my surfing with a fresh perspective by choosing to hire an instructor. This decision was transformative! Our instructor introduced us to new techniques and locations for the perfect waves. He also taught us the timing, positioning, and the art of reading the waves. Hiring a mentor to guide you will get you where you want to go faster than trying to figure it out yourself. Why? Because they have already gone where you want to go! Not only will you get better at whatever skill you’re looking to improve, but it will feel easier, too!

Tackling the “Green” Waves

With guidance, I took on the big “green” waves of Costa Rica – a feat that once seemed impossible. The revelation was profound: the big waves, once feared, actually offered a smoother and more exhilarating experience than the smaller, more white-washed waves near the shore. This can be a metaphor for the challenges that go along with building a Christian coaching business. Often, what seems daunting initially can turn out to be a rewarding and enriching experience – but only if we dare to take the plunge!

Embracing Instruction

One takeaway from this journey was the importance of being open to instruction and guidance. Whether in surfing or online business, we sometimes hesitate to seek help, fearing that we will look inexperienced. However, embracing guidance can lead to significant breakthroughs. It’s about making those small adjustments, learning from those who’ve walked the path before us, and not shying away from being a beginner.

God’s Plan

The truth is, we have no idea what God has been doing behind the scenes to equip us and prepare us for what’s next. My experience growing up snowboarding prepared me well in my efforts to surf. I had no idea that snowboarding as a kid would help me in new ways as an adult! The same could be said about you. It’s about trusting in God’s plan, seeking guidance through His word, and finding mentors who can lead by example. Just like surfing, where you need to read the waves and position yourself correctly, in life and in online business, we need to be receptive to God’s guidance, grace, and strength, so we are in a position to seize the right opportunities, in alignment with what God wants for our lives.

The Promise of New Waves and Opportunity Ahead

The ocean taught me a vital life lesson – another wave will always come! It might not be in your timing, but it will come. In life and in your online business, opportunities will present themselves. Some we’ll catch, some we may miss, but the promise of a new wave coming remains. The key is to be ready, to be willing to ride the waves when they come, and to trust in God’s timing.

So, as we move forward, let’s ride those waves with confidence, seeking guidance when needed, and embracing the opportunities that God presents us. And remember, a new wave is forming on the horizon, a chance for you to level up and make significant changes in your life and in your coaching business.

Something exciting is being announced next week (and it is a wave you are going to want to ride)!!

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