71. Is Summer A Good Time To Start an Online Business? Quick Coaching Advice from Ashley June


May 5, 2022


Christian women business owners; Faith based business coach; Christian women’s business coach

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Is summer the right time to start working on your online business or course? In this episode of the She’s Wild and Radiant Christian Business Podcast, I’ll be sharing my thoughts with you and helping you decide if summer is the right season to dive into something new and build + scale your business. 

Trust God

As believers we should always be asking God where He wants us, having discernment and being at peace with our choices. That being said, it’s important that you trust when the Lord keeps putting something on your heart. When God continually brings things to the forefront of your mind, that is usually when it’s time to step out in bold faith.

Clarity comes with action

The Bible says that God is a lamp unto our feet. He shows us what we need, and how to move forward, whether it is one step at a time or a giant jump forward. You don’t always need to know how it’ll unfold. I encourage you to start with an idea of where you’re going, and then just go! When you take action, you gain clarity.

Why wait and miss the train?

Summer may not seem like the right time, but speaking from experience, opportunity rarely comes to us when it’s convenient. You’ll always have other commitments pulling for your time and attention. You know how the saying goes….the best time to start is yesterday. So take the step and boldly walk forward.

The reality is, you will have uncertainty with any leap you make. You may never feel fully ready, so don’t let yourself be led by feelings. Instead trust the Holy Spirit and courageously conquer the unknown this summer!


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