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You are needed, you are loved and you are raising world changers. Motherhood can be messy, heartbreaking and stressful but it can also be beautiful, fulfilling and it truly is one of the most important jobs on the planet. As we walk into Mother’s Day weekend I want to leave you with some encouragement. Whether you are a mom, mother-to-be, have a bad relationship with your mom, are desperate to be a mother or have a mother, this episode of the She’s Wild and Radiant Christian Business Podcast is for you.


Motherhood is a beautiful and special job that God created for women. We often feel low, underappreciated or unseen but today, I want you to know that you are loved and seen. There is a special place in the Bible for women, mothers and grandmothers. God used women for so many amazing things so take heart!


I encourage you to love hard this weekend and allow yourself to be loved. Whether you are waiting to be a mom, you are a grandmother, a mother, if your mom has passed or if you have a great relationship, try to be grateful and loving. Spend time with those you love, do something special and allow them to love on you. And if you are in the waiting or grieving period, know that God has perfect timing and He has you covered. Trust Him.

Make some time to read through Proverbs 31 this weekend and allow it to penetrate your soul and show you how beautiful, wonderful and loved you are. Happy Mother’s Day everyone!


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