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Today I’m sharing my journey with mentorship and the moment I said “I need help in my business because I can’t do this alone”. When I was ready to start my own business it was after a season that was hard and full of disappointment. I didn’t want to invest in education right away. I grew up with entrepreneurial parents and had an MBA so I didn’t want to spend more money on education and didn’t feel the need in some ways. But I discovered I slowed myself down without the education I needed. When I started my faith-based education business in 2018, I decided I wasn’t going to do it alone again. I was able to hit 6 figures a year and a half after going online (and with young kiddos who were my first priority and gave me the permission to do things slowly and at the pace I needed). I want to attribute it to mentorship. Now I’m quick to invest in education.

The 7 Reasons

  1. They see what we don’t. We are too close to our own business. We can make decisions that are out of emotion, but a mentor helps us navigate that with logic and purpose. 
  2. They save us from hard lessons. They know what won’t be successful. Sometimes they have different methods and you can choose not to follow them. That’s ok. They are giving us the key to the hard lessons they walked through. Just like history, we should always know it so we don’t repeat it. Be encouraged by the heartache and the pain that they can share with you. 
  3. Accountability structure. When you invest in higher paid programs you have more accountability because you have more on the line. You will also have a mentor who is focused on checking in with you. When I’ve had to show up for someone and accomplish weekly tasks I was more serious about it. 
  4. They provide a framework. They give you a plan and purpose for you to follow so you don’t have to. It will save you so much time because you won’t have to do the trial and error. You can always customize as you go to better fit your business. 
  5. They show you the behind the scenes. You get to see how successful people run their businesses. These sneak peeks give you a look at their client relationship, course creation, and more. You get to see the reality behind running a business and the imperfections that may be there. You can see how different people run different programs. It’s not always going to be perfect and packaged in a bow. It gives you permission to be human. 
  6. We have a cheerleader here. How many times do you feel alone in your business? My job, as a Christian Business Coach, with my students is to pick them up when they feel low. Oftentimes family and friends just don’t get the journey of being an entrepreneur, but your mentor does. You need people who will support you and encourage you in your calling. 
  7. Your mentor is there to redirect the ship. Sometimes we lose our direction or our endpoint, but your mentor is someone who can help get you back on track. They’ll reign you back in and are meant to redirect you.

When I invested…

…I made more money and always benefited in some way. Every program will be what you need in that season. And as you grow and adapt as a business owner you will find new things you want to learn. I also always walked away with more clarity. I knew what I wanted to accomplish and how to do it. It can be easy to get stuck, but a mentor or education program can give you tools and purpose. I’ve also walked away with better systems and the tools to scale and thrive.

Having that relationship and community gave me a tribe that kept me encouraged and motivated. It was more than just an online class, it always felt like a greater purpose and community. These people passed on wisdom to me and we all need this in our businesses. Find someone who aligns with your business and values. You won’t regret investing in yourself through mentorship.

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Overall, I couldn’t be where I am without the stewardship of many others.


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