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Launching! It’s one of my favorite topics. My first official launch was when I decided to launch my senior rep program in my photography business. I took an out of industry idea and utilized it to create something different + special for my clients.

Overall, launching is an up and down process that also needs a lot of prayer. It’s no simple feat! I wanted something that made students get excited but also wanted to launch with strategy and intention. At this point, I was stepping away from the wedding photography industry, and needed to fill in the gaps of income. Using the 4 steps I share in this episode, I booked 43k worth of clients in 15 days! Going through this process inspired creativity in me and made me excited for the next launch. 

Sometimes you will have amazing launches and sometimes they won’t yield what you were hoping for, but if you dial in your process and your goals you will have something you can depend on. These 4 steps will be bombproof for whatever your industry is, whether that’s an e-commerce business, a local service, or education programs.

1. Info & Development Phase

Most people stop here in the creation phase. They know what they want to offer, but they stop because they don’t have any strategy. This is where you’re creating what your offer is going to entail and build excitement with your audience. This is also where you’re letting your idea make sense – Is this the direction you want to go? Is your offer compelling? Who do you want to reach? These are all things you can define in this phase. 

2. Storytelling

After you have put your ideas together and built buzz you get to nurture in the storytelling phase. If you’ve listened to episode 3, you’ll know how powerful and important this is. You’ll want to spend serious time in this phase to let the desire build for your launch. It’s all about the know, like, and trust factor.

3. It’s Alive

This is your launch day! Your offer is out to the world!  There’s a lot of preparation for getting people ready to say yes. Now is the strategic period of time where you get to overcome objections, answer questions, entice them to engage, and call your audience to action. You also get to enjoy this time of watching all of your hard work come together and bloom!

4. Follow Up Phase

Deliver what was expected – and more! If they purchased or redeemed the offer make sure to reach out and give them the best experience. And for those that didn’t book, you want to keep them in your circle and continue to nurture them and bring them value.

You hear a concept or an idea and think “how do I actually do that?”. This is your answer! These simple steps give you the direction you need to get started and stay focused. Your whole goal in this launching process is to continue to wow your audience. This can apply to so much in your business – group coaching, promotions, new product, and so much more! If you can get focused and go through these launch steps with intention you will not be disappointed.


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