193. I Started My Business W/ Paid Ads Because I Didn’t Want to Get Burnt with Soul-Crushing Organic Marketing (Part of Why So Many Christian Business Owners Fail)

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Hey, hey guys! I’m so excited for today’s episode. We’re diving into a topic that’s super close to my heart—why I chose to start my business with paid ads from the get-go. I want to share my story because I believe it’s one of the many reasons I’ve managed to avoid failure. Paid ads have been a game-changer for me, and I think it’s something many entrepreneurs, especially in the Christian coaching industry, need to hear about. Organic marketing can be soul-crushing, and if you’re not seeing traction, it’s easy to get burnt out.

My Journey with Paid Advertising

When I first started my business, I knew that paid advertising was the route I wanted to take. I didn’t want to become another statistic—someone who’s constantly posting on social media but not seeing any real results. I wanted automatic lead generation from the beginning, and that decision has made all the difference.

Investing in Your Business is Crucial

I’ve been an entrepreneur for over a decade now, and I’ve done the hard work—training, preparing, educating myself, and executing. My first business was a local photography business, and I invested $10,000 in equipment and marketing to get it off the ground. For my online business, I spent $5,000 on ads for my first launch. Today, I regularly spend between $10,000 to $30,000 on paid ads to build my list and get in front of the right people.

It amazes me how many women think building a business is free because of social media reach. This is a horrible mentality to have and one keeping so many women in poverty. Serious businesses have a marketing budget—especially essential in a crazy economy and recession.

Why Organic Marketing Wasn’t for Me

Organic marketing can be effective, but for me, it felt like a grind. The constant need to create content was exhausting. Instead, my lead generation comes from ads, and those leads then consume my organic content. This reverse organic strategy takes the pressure off me. I don’t rely on organic reach for lead generation; instead, I use it to nurture my audience.

We’ve recently updated The Selah Collective to focus more heavily on paid ads. All serious businesses need to have a marketing budget. If you don’t, and you’re still stuck, you’ll probably fail.

The Importance of a Marketing Budget

When I launched my first business, I took $10,000 from our savings and invested in marketing. I bought equipment, paid for magazine ads, and participated in a local trade show. This investment gave me actual momentum and got my business in front of people.

For my online business, I invested $5,000 in Facebook ads during my first launch. This didn’t convert right away, but it paid for an audience. Conversion is sometimes three to six months out, maybe longer, but it’s the cumulative effect that counts.

Building a Sustainable Business

I have created content systems that work for my business because they are not the lead generation driver. Paid advertising frees me from being a constant content creator. I spend about an hour a week recording my podcast, which then gets repurposed into various content formats.

Most people don’t have a lead generation strategy. They’re posting on Instagram, doing all the things, but they’re not building an audience of buyers. Without a solid lead generation strategy, you get burnt out.


We’ve updated The Selah Collective to include more support for paid ads. We’re also finishing up new programs, including one on retreats and an Instagram Passive Growth Kit. I’m sharing my exact strategies for Facebook and Instagram ads for coaches and course creators.

In addition, I’ve created a free mini-course, the Women of Valor Video Series, where I share how to launch and scale a Holy Spirit-led online business. The series covers topics like:

  1. A True Woman of Valor – How identity, healing, and calling create rich soil for building an online business.
  1. Building Six and Seven-Figure Holistic Offers – How to build high-ticket, scalable offers that require minimal time each week.
  1. The Esther Upleveled Sales System – How to build a genuine sales process that exudes radiance, relationship, perfect timing, and respect.

If you’re a Christian Life Coach or Christian Business Coach looking to build a coaching business, consider incorporating paid ads into your strategy. It can save you from the burnout of organic marketing and help you build a sustainable, thriving business.

Join The Selah Collective or check out the Women of Valor Video Series to learn more about how you can effectively use paid ads to grow your business. Let’s build something incredible together, trusting in God’s guidance every step of the way.

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