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In today’s episode I am going to share with you exactly how I made $178,480 last month as an online Christian coach using my proven system. This is exactly what I teach my students in my online coaching business. And I am so excited to give you the inside scoop! It’s a great reminder that even in the midst of an economic crisis, abundance is still possible! 

As we have been enjoying our time in Costa Rica, we have been thinking about retirement and have started to consider the possibility of investing in some land here so we could build for our future. A long-term vision of mine is hosting retreats for couples, women, and families. And as we sat down last night, we were talking about what we want as a family and the question came up, “where is a spot that we would like to spend a lot of time together?” As one of our favorite places on earth, naturally, Costa Rica was our first choice. 

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You guys, I am stoked about making $178,480 this month! The actual cash collected was around $100k, which is great! Let me tell you, having a system that brings in this type of cash on demand is amazing.  It has allowed our family the flexibility and freedom to change how we operate in so many ways and knowing that I have a system to bring in this type of CASH on demand is awesome. It has allowed us to get out of the world, out of the grind, and change our normal to reconnect with God and one another. 

But times are interesting, and I am still figuring out what I should be focusing on in this season. Everything is looking for a little bit different this season. 


I know you’ve been itching to know what helped me bring in this multi-six figure income last month. It was creating a know, like, and trust client experience. Which is done through live events, workshops, and challenges that allow your audience to truly get to know you. Maybe you’ve noticed everyone is doing live events now. Because that is where the money is!  

I’m not saying this because I don’t like evergreen. In fact, I love evergreen funnels and the passive income it brings. But the reality is, we are seeing a shift in the marketplace. When money is flowing, things are easy and people are more likely to sign up without needing the intense know, like, trust factors. But what I am noticing is the things that felt really easy a couple of years ago are becoming a little bit harder now.  And hosting live events gives you that know, like, trust client experience for people who are wanting to come into your business at a quicker rate. It also provides an opportunity to push past what might have been working really well via evergreen but isn’t anymore.

With inflation, people are pinching their pennies a little more and wallets are a little tighter.  The reality is, people are going to convert better when they are more involved in the solution and when they are directly involved in something as opposed to watching a pre-recorded training where there is less connection. 

You can see this shift in the world as advertisers are moving more towards live models right now. Things typically eb and flow in the marketplace, but the most important thing is creating the know, like, and trust client experience where they are going to be ready to come into your program because of the experience you have created for them to walk through. This is known as a funnel, whether live or passive. 

I help people get to know me personally over the course of a few weeks…it’s very intense and definitely exhausting when I do it two to three times a year, but I have a team that helps, and it’s honestly very lucrative! It is something I have been able to fine tune throughout the years.  In my coaching program I give my students everything I do within my launches to help them be successful. But knowing I have a system to create the know, like, trust factor that allows me to repeat this system and use it as a machine to create cash on demand. 

I recently was talking to someone about evergreen and I know it can feel very depersonalized and when clients are stepping into something new, they need that know, like, trust factor because in the case of my clients, they are not only stepping into building a coaching business for the first time, but they are taking a leap to step into their future as they build their big dreams. And the more touch points they have with me, the more likely they are to convert. 


The second reason I had this revenue come in was because of my amplified traffic. Organic is too slow, I knew I wanted to build a business that made sense for my family, so I heavily invested in paid advertising through Facebook and Instagram ads. This makes it possible for me to spend a lot of money in a short amount of time which makes a big difference and allows me to get the traffic I need to make my launch work. Very rarely will you find someone in the online space with high income who is not running paid ads. 

This helps whether you have a warm or cold audience, it can help bring in the traffic you need to build the audience that you need to be successful. Now, there will be times where you are investing that you may not see a huge return, but it’s about building. 

This last launch, I had six times return on investment (ROI). Which means, for every dollar I spent in paid advertising, I made $6 in return, which is great.  Even if you were making three times, that’s still good.  The reality is there is so much opportunity here and it is a route worth taking! 

But the amplified traffic wouldn’t work if I didn’t have the know, like, trust client experience that has been validated and tested, proving this to be something that my client needs and wants. That is why the foundational elements are so huge and also why God brings us through a growth experience. You cannot simply buy into a model; you have to build the foundation first! You cannot launch and sell something one time; it is a continual process of refinement. 


The third thing I did was provide an actual solution to my clients. We all know, pain points are huge and the people who came into my program knew that they needed a solution, and they needed it now!! The know, like, trust process helped bring out the solution to the client and made it easier for them to accept and buy into their solution. 

The truth is, we have to create the right client experience, amplify traffic, and create a solution that will eliminate the pain points for the client.  The process is not easy, but if you stick to it, walk the path, and launch, you can see the same success I have! It is possible!

The other thing that was great was that I brought in two, paid-in-full, one-on-one clients who paid me $27,000. Initially, I worried that the market was shifting and perhaps something was broken before my launch, although I realize it was more of a mindset block for me. But seeing this, it reminds me again that there is no recession in the kingdom economy. 

It is interesting to see the shift in the market between pay in full vs payment plan clients, but it was great to see so much more consistency in my income and business.  That is because I know my clients very well and I am able to provide them with a true solution that answers the problem they are having. 

If you are trying to build something and are not seeing the conversations, it indicates there is a gap somewhere. It could be in the know, like, trust experience; maybe you don’t have enough traffic; maybe you are not providing the solution they are seeking.  But, if you can get these figured out, six-figure months are possible for you too! 

Seeing God create this stability in our family is amazing. It has given us the ability to invest in our legacy and our future. And at the end of the day, it’s great to see that progression. But remember, I started where you were, struggling to get my first client, struggling to offer the solution, and not seeing the immediate return. But when it all changed for me was when I realized I could be my authentic self and walk in the manner that God was calling me to. To be set apart and call out the rest of His kingdom workers to also be authentic! 

Don’t be afraid to make sacrifices in order to reach your dreams. Stay focused, you can do this! 


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