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Today’s episode is focused on why it’s time to start a podcast in order to share the radiant message God has given you! As an Online Christian Business Coach and MBA Podcaster, I have found so much freedom and passion in sharing my God-given message, and lately I’ve been feeling called to show you how. 

As I am recording from beautiful Costa Rica again, and today we’re going to be chatting about why you need to start a Christian podcast to get your God-given message. As a Christian it is difficult to share any message without integrating your faith because it is the key factor for healing and transformation in order to change the world. 

Many of you have been receiving our emails over the last week as we talk about this radiant message and it’s because I’m launching a new podcasting course to help you share your radiant message! In it, you are going to learn how to radiantly share your God-given message and launch your Holy Spirit-inspired podcast, so that you can start building your Jesus-loving, BFF audience organically in the next 30 days. 

We want more faith-based podcast in the markets because it is so hard to find one, in any niche. So I’m here to encourage you, if God has given you something to share podcasting could be the answer for you in 2024. Check out the details for the The She Speaks Radiance Podcast Course

I wanted to talk about why I started my podcast and why you should start one too.


2020 the world was on fire and crazy. I decided that I had a lot inside of my soul that I needed to share.  This created a burning desire for me to change my coaching business mission and I felt a deep urge and desire to SPEAK truth. I saw Christians being attacked left and right for everything and I had something to say about it and I could not be silent any longer. 

I felt called to be a voice of influence amidst a sea of criticism, secularism, and persecution among the kingdom of God for everything we did. We’ve seen a very aggressive increase in attacks on Christian values and beliefs over the last few years. 

In 2020 amongst the black lives matter movements and election chaos, there was so much disarray, propaganda, and name calling that it was overwhelming and no one was standing up. I remember thinking “This is not good.  Are we really in the end times?” During this time I went through a massive internal shift where I felt like the middle ground was gone and it caused me to start questioning my mission and vision behind my coaching business and why I was doing what I was doing. 

At that point I wasn’t mixing faith and business because I was listening to the world that told me to back down, not rock the boat, and just play the middle ground. But what I realized was that this was causing me to self-censor and even bring in people to my business that did not align with my values and beliefs.  And truthfully, it bred fear because I was constantly walking on eggshells to appease the audience in front of me, rather than looking at the heavenly audience above me. 

But in the summer of 2020, the fear of man broke off of me. During that time there were a lot of things that I could have shared in a better way because I was stressed and overwhelmed and maybe even a little anxious.  But to see how things have not changed or gotten better, but rather disillusioned to the world in front of us. And I don’t see it changing any time in the future. Most of the propaganda is politically motivated in order to create fear and strife in order to control society.  

Our voice and biblical worldview is incredibly important because when we do not speak out in defense of our beliefs, our societies will crumble. We’ve seen it time and time again. Where there is no God, there is no strength, morality, or true community. The enemy only brings discontentment, strife, and disarray. We don’t have to be the loudest voice, but we do need to level the playing field. This is why podcasting is so powerful and can be used as an outlet to get out the things that God is trying to share. 

If you’re wanting to step out of the fear of man and if you have a lot to share but you’re not sure how to do it, podcasting is a great fit for that. Societally speaking, there is a lot of room to have a big impact with your podcast. 

In 2020, I changed my business mission because I was looking at Stalin, Hitler, and other communist regimes and the things that have happened in history. They would use business owners to police other business owners (which we saw during the pandemic).  As business owners, we are going to be called to choose a side and either contribute to a genocide or life. Just like abortion, if you don’t speak up you are choosing to support the death of babies.

My heart for starting a podcast really didn’t have to do with promoting my business, but was really started because I had a lot of things on my heart that I needed to share, and promoting my business was more of a secondary benefit. Having the conversations about things that mattered and being able to talk about my business is what has allowed me to build relationships with my audience and connect with my followers because I talk about real things. Those are the clients that I want to work with because we share the same values. And on top of all that, I have a service and product that teaches them how to build coaching businesses. 

My podcast is a tool that I use to be God’s mouthpiece in order to proclaim his truth and his goodness, what’s going on in the world, and what is going on in my coaching business. Because of this, podcasts are multifaceted and are able to really embody complex feelings and thoughts in a way that we can connect with listeners. 

So in January 2021, I started my podcast and haven’t looked back! It’s changed throughout the years but I record a lot of content about different stages of the business, I share stories, I share things that are on my heart, and I even share what my family is doing. It has turned into such a wonderful outlet for me, and I have even been approached by listeners who have been following my podcast for months and expressing how much they enjoy it. This has helped me develop a like/know/trust factor amongst my audience because I get to be myself on my podcast.


You have a message and a testimony.  God probably has tons of things that he has shared with you that are on your heart to share. Podcasting is great for the person who has 50 million ideas and doesn’t know what to do with them because you can frame those different ideas, thoughts, and stories in the direction of your business.  

I love podcasting because I spend maybe an hour a week recording my podcast episode and then I turn it over to my team and they do the work. I actually edit my podcast right after I record each episode because I have a really  easy quick editing protocol. Because I podcast I’m able to get the message out incredibly quickly and it helps me create the content for every thing that I am going to be doing in my business over the next week or so. And the best thing is, I don’t really have to plan it, I don’t have to prepare, I only write a few notes before and the rest is like having a conversation with my best friend. That allows people to come and listen to my podcast and feel comfortable with me, know me, and even like me. Maybe even feeling like they are sitting with me for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.  The thing is, because I have a podcast I am able to find my organic, BFF audience, and will turn into amazing clients because they trust you. 


That’s why podcasting is such a great tool for marketing. Not just because of the know/like/trust factor, but also because it is organic and always pumping traffic to your funnels, business, and brand.  I honestly don’t know if there’s a better way to build organically.  Maybe YouTube, but this way I don’t have to worry about the way I look in front of a camera. Organically speaking, finding something that works for your content schedule is easy, and also allows you to be found for free.  The energy you put into podcasting is so much more worth it because you are able to build that quality audience that will allow you to build your email list, sell your offers, and increase your conversions. 

Lead generation is so huge because it can be a challenge to get people onto your email list, but podcasting creates slow and steady growth in your audience. 

Having an audience that you are best friends with, who know, like, and trust you, builds a community of people who will grab whatever offer you have out there whether it be a freebie, video, podcast episode, or product. They may even come and check you out on other social media networks. Podcasting is truly going to help you build a long-term sustainable audience that allows you to be found 24/7. Why are we spending so much time creating content on social media that disappears after 24 hours? It’s such a waste of energy. 

Podcasts are great, not only for the established business that has offers and is actively selling, but also for the person who really needs to get their ideas out there and is still in the exploration phase of figuring out what they want to teach and build. So, if you’re confused about where you should start, podcasting may be a great start for you! 

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