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Happy Thanksgiving!! Today’s episode is going to be short and sweet because I just have a quick and super exciting announcement!! 

We have a brand new podcasting course that just launched, called She Speaks Radiance! This course is for the Holy Spirit-filled woman who is ready to launch their podcast and share their God-given message! You can start building your Jesus-loving, BFF audience organically in the next 30 days with your podcast, and eventually reach 50k+ and beyond download milestones. This is so possible for you! I love podcasting because it allows me to reach my audience with authenticity, drawing in those who are in alignment with my faith and beliefs. 

Right now, we have an amazing founder’s discount going on, giving you 50% off the total course price!! I know, 50% OFF! This sale is going on from Black Friday through Cyber Monday! This is the first time we are offering this course publicly so it is amazing! 

I know you are busy who wants to build an online business or online brand that doesn’t suck the time from you. You don’t want to be stuck in the constant content creation hamster wheel, and you don’t want to keep creating content that only lasts for 24 hours! It’s such a waste of time and energy! The truth is, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed by how to start a podcast or feeling limited on your time. You might not even know what you should be doing, so you’re confused but you don’t want to stay silent. I know you have that message that is burning in your soul and you are needing to get out! That is why podcasting is amazing! Plus, you can generate consistent leads and sales from clients who actually vibe with your christian values and beliefs. You can get the heck off of social media and you can ultimately speak radiance and build that evergreen marketing content in under 2-3 hours per week on podcasting.

I spend less than an hour per week creating and editing my content on my podcast with one episode per week. It is insane, crazy, and awesome! This is something you can do too. You can monetize your audience with a podcast, showing up and sharing the message that God has put on your heart, all while building credibility and authority with your audience. It’s one of those things that can help you get leads on your email list every single day. 

When I started my podcast in January 2021 it was because I was tired of staying silent. I was tired of being scared to mix faith and business and share my non-woke conservative views. I was done hiding my views and beliefs from the world and I couldn’t stay silent any longer. Yes, I worried about the keyboard warriors and the potential attacks that would come from sharing my beliefs, but I finally broke off the chains of fear in the summer of 2020. And the work that the Lord did in me, brought freedom and boldness that lit the radiant message I had burning within my soul. That’s when I majorly shifted my business and I’ve never looked back. I love my podcast!! 

We currently have over 160+ episodes after 3 years and it has proven to be very sustainable and reliable. I have created a very easy and manageable podcasting protocol that helps me prevent content creation burnout, while still showing up consistently for my audience. Over time, podcasting has paid me back in so many ways including time, purpose, and it gives me an outlet! 

So, I’m inviting you to come into this 4-phase program, designed for Holy Spirit-led women to share their radiant message with the world, without being burned out by constant content creation. We need more Christian women podcasters out there! We need your voice and your radiant, God-given message!  I know I’m not the only one looking for faith-based podcasts to help me in all areas of my life including ministry, health + wellness, productivity, business, family + parenting, marriage, etc. So if you’ve got a radiant message, it’s time to plan, record, launch and scale your podcast to 50k+ downloads in the next 24 months! Build brand authority, build an audience, and create passive income while staying true to your biblical beliefs, staying present with your family, and building wealth for generations to come. 

Inside of our podcasting program, you will get 17 comprehensive, step-by-step training on how to build your podcast, plus our podcast marketing launch calendar specially crafted to make sure you build the hype, set it up correctly, and really build momentum around your podcast launch. You’re also going to get access to our AJC Team podcasting protocol, you’ll get a behind the scenes look at everything we do from recording and creating the podcast, developing show notes, all the way to repurposing content. We also show you how to use ChatGPT to help speed up the content creation process, especially if you want to keep it under the 2-3 hour mark. You also get lifetime access to the course and the bonuses, plus the peer support community of faith-based women who have come into the podcasting community, our self-study program, and even some of our smaller programs to connect with other like-minded women and potentially guest speakers on your show. 

You’ll also get six awesome bonuses, valued at $5,169! These bonuses include: 

  • The productivity playbook content planning guide – Plan your content and see how we plan our podcasting content. 
  • Copywriting masterclass – Learn how to copywrite like a pro in order to hook your audience and keep them captivated.
  • Story & Sales Captivator – Teaches you how to understand your target client, their pain points, and build a website and sales page that actually converts. 
  • IG Organic List Builder – ManyChat flow to help you build your list on Instagram. 
  • 14+ Training Videos from the Selah Student Library – Includes training on finances, relationships, health + wellness, business, and gives you access to a group of ladies that you can network with to bring on as guest speakers on your podcast.
  •  Podcast Startup Trello Board – Step-by-step map that you can follow to start your very own podcast. 

There are four phases: 

Phase 1 – Planning + Preparing: Covers everything from naming and preparing, keywords, knowing your BFF audience, and getting clarity on the platform. 

Phase 2 – Creating + Clarifying: Establish your podcast assets, creating an episode plan, purchasing equipment, cover art, developing a cadence, etc. 

Phase 3 – Recording + Launching: Learn how to record and edit your podcast using my method which takes me less than 10 minutes! Record your introduction and outro, commercials to sell your products, creating a clear launch plan to ensure you are getting your message out into the world where people are able to access it and receive that amazing transformation! 

Phase 4 – Growing Your Podcast – Learn all about how to grow your podcast, get onto other peoples shows, leverage guests, use analytics to data, podcast reviews, etc. 

We’re giving you the AJC inside scoop on how to plan, structure, and run the Wild + Radiant Podcast. Plust, sign up right now and get 50% OFF! Remember, this is our founders price and only lasts until Cyber Monday! You don’t want to miss this! 

I know it’s tempting to wait until the right time, or try to do it on your own, but January 2024 is a great time to launch a podcast. Imagine this…. new year, new message, new theme! In 12 months from now you can be in a much more optimized, profitable place! This is for online business owners, authors, speakers, brands! You don’t even technically have to have started your business yet, because this is a great way to build your audience and brand family! This is also for the women who don’t want to spend hours on content creation, or maybe you want to record in your pajamas. That’s one of the reasons I love podcasting! 

This is NOT for the women who have nothing to say or for those who are looking for a quick fix. One of the reasons I chose podcasting was because God put it on my heart that I was supposed to podcast and share the message He put on my heart and get it out into the world. 

And I knew I was going to do it in a way that was sustainable and something I would do long term. How long will it take?  Approximately 30 days! If you are ready to do the work, the time is now! Sign up for the She Speaks Radiance Podcast Course and start your podcast by January 2024 and share your radiant, life-changing message! 

Check it out or sign up here  >>> She Speaks Radiance 

Happy Thanksgiving!


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