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We’re making a few people mad on the She’s Wild & Radiant Christian Business Podcast today – talking about money tends to trigger some people at times. Especially when the truth is called out, which is exactly what today’s episode is going to be about. Don’t worry though, you will totally walk away with some encouragement.

Let’s get to it – my question is – why do you expect clients to invest in you if you don’t invest in yourself?

I don’t want to get into a crazy rant here – but I do think that women are specifically awful at this. They’ll spend money on self care, the kids’ activities, family trips to Disney, expensive cars – but when it comes to investing in their business many women just don’t do it. Literally, it’s a fact that men tend to be more successful in business because they are more likely to take risks, invest in their businesses so they can work smarter, and ultimately make an all in commitment. Women however tend to keep their little pinky toes in the baby pool working on their “side-hustles” and trying to manage the 1,000,000 things they need to in the home so their business gets put on the time + money back burner.

Listen, I’m not saying all women are like this at all – but because I’ve been in the world of entrepreneurship for the last decade, I’ve seen many of the same excuses and complaints from the same people repeated year after year. This happens until eventually their dream dies and they give up, and I honestly have to say I think it’s because they didn’t just go all in and make the commitment to do whatever was necessary to be successful.


It is true that often you have to spend money to make money. Does that mean an excessive amount? NO. But when you invest in yourself and your business, you’re saying YES to the dream to build something great. And, you’re saying no to the fear. Also, you’re leveling the playing field. You’re getting the equipment you need to operate your business, the education you need to be successful and get to the next level, AND the traffic you need if you invest in marketing so you can get your business in front of more eyes.


We all make decisions about what we value – is that Disney vacation more important than the business that could feed your family and build a legacy for a lifetime? Now I am all about experiences over things – but this is a common reason why I have had clients make a choice not to invest in their businesses. No judgment either – but it is a choice being made and when we’re talking about our families, what is your priority?


And now what I would potentially consider to be the biggest reason people don’t invest – they aren’t dedicated to making a REAL and FULL commitment to their business. Now timing is important here. You can’t just jump into anything and you want to make sure it’s a right fit, but it’s wise to consider what’s actually holding you back. It might not be the money – it might be whether or not you want to commit to building a business that would have the potential to fail or thrive, and whether or not you’re ready and willing to take the risk. 

But at the end of the day, the people who will thrive are the risk-takers who risked their time, money + energy to build the business that God called them to build.

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