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I’m so excited for today’s episode of the She’s Wild & Radiant Christian Business Podcast! I’m going to share Theresa’s Selah Collective success story. I hope you will be able to identify with her experience. Before we get into her story, I want to ask you some questions…


Are you wanting to build an online course or coaching program around your God given calling? Do you have a dream or idea that God has put on your heart to build an online business, and you just need to know how to actually package your passion? 

This is what The Selah Collective is for. It includes the five phase Selah Signature Course which is a 12 month group coaching program. The course gives you everything you need in order to build + launch + scale an online business. The course walks you through each and every step, plus there are six awesome bonuses, and lifetime access to re-audits. After the 12 months, you will stay in my community with access to lifetime live support, and we do live calls every month – Bible study calls, CEO planning calls, Q+A calls, application calls. It’s so, so good! 

You also get 

  • Prebuilt templates for funnels, sales pages, landing pages
  • The Productivity Playbook- a master planner for your business
  • The Irresistible Offer Creator- to help you design that perfect offer
  • Access to Facebook & Instagram ads lead generation kit
  • A simple sales call script

There are a couple different tracks you can choose from 

  • Self-paced option
  • Mentoring option
  • Six-month VIP option

If you enroll now, you will save up to $4000! The program price is going to be increasing in the near future, so get in now! Plus there are pay-in-full bonuses.

But today, I want to share all about Theresa’s story.


Theresa started with me in The Selah Collective last Fall and she just recently had some big business success. Theresa went through her first official launch and she posted her success story in our Facebook student group. So, I’m going to share some of what she wrote in her post so that you can see her amazing results. 

Theresa launched a two-week challenge in her own Facebook community. She has been organically connecting with the members there and really showing up for them. She did a challenge called “The Purpose Driven Business Growth Challenge”.

Some of the stats that Theresa shared from her launch:

  • Facebook group grew organically by 49 new members
  • Most challenge participants were newer members to the group
  • The Day 1 Kick-Off event had 22 people in attendance
  • The Day 10 Scholarship & giveaway event had 14 attending

The amazing results Theresa saw from this challenge:

  • 3 calls booked
  • 2 students purchased her program at full price
  • 1 scholarship winner was gifted $1000, she paid $500
  • Total Revenue from running the challenge



Theresa ran this challenge with zero ad spend, all of her marketing was organic. Her numbers might not seem huge, but for doing all of this organically, it’s great. It’s not about high numbers, it’s about having quality numbers. Making almost $3500 on her first launch and getting 3 new clients – that’s huge! Also this proves that her model works and that she can scale and really grow as time goes on. I love it!


  • Awesome experience. I needed to go ahead and take what I had learned and put it into action.
  • I talked to my family ahead of time so that everyone was on-board that I would be working a LOT over the two weeks.
  • Keeping focused that all of this was really to serve God and advance His Kingdom took away all worries, frustrations, and concerns.
  • Asana was SO extremely helpful in storing and organizing EVERYTHING in one place. (Thanks, Ashley!)


First I want to say that I’m super excited for Theresa. It’s so cool when you see people take what they’ve learned and go for it. 

Just a reminder that applications for The Selah Collective are going to be closing for the month. I want to ask you, how much time do you have? What is your time worth? Can you spend another year trying to reinvent the wheel? How many years are you going to wait to see your business work out? What is holding you back?

What sacrifice are you willing to make for your business growth? Typically my clients pay off the cost of the program within 1-2 clients themselves. And you literally just saw this in Theresa’s story. This program works!

Ultimately, my hope for The Selah Collective is to take back territory in the business battlefield. I want us to go in and disrupt industries and start a revolution of Kingdom radiance. I have a heart for your growth. Sure, there are programs with lower price points, but what I’ve noticed is that those who are committed to doing the work will take the leap to financially invest. And the lower priced online programs don’t give you the tools, community, coaching, or mentoring that you need to get to the next level.

The Selah Collective is designed to support you in community, to hold you accountable, and provide regular and actionable resources that keep you growing, dreaming, and hopeful.

I can’t wait! Your success story is next!!!


Applications for The Selah Collective are closing soon, don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!

As a Christian Business coach, I have created an amazing community of faith-based entrepreneurs. Check out my free community!

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