100. 100th Episode Podcast Giveaway Party! 10 Things I’ve Learned in Recording 100 Podcast Episodes and How-To Start a Podcast That Builds Relationship

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We’re celebrating 100 podcasts over here at Ashley June Co! In today’s episode, I’m sharing what I’ve learned as a Christian Business Coach + Podcaster over the past 2 years, what I love about podcasting, and how it is really an opportunity each week to speak my heart! My desire is to inspire Christian women, to build set-apart businesses that take back the territory and become an influence in the business battlefield, and support the Kingdom Economy as we work together! 

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  1. Podcasting is about the long-game. You aren’t going to see crazy downloads overnight. It’s about building momentum, relationships, and downloads. This platform allows me to grow my brand and to grow my audience along with me. 
  2. Podcasting is great long-form content for building a legacy brand. With podcasts, your content has a longer shelf life! People can find your content for years to come, unlike social media where the turnover is very short. 
  3. Keywords matter. Putting your SEO keywords throughout your podcast, blog, and website allows people to find you without paying for ads. It really is the gift that can keep on giving.
  4. It’s easy to talk when you have something valuable to share. Podcasting is like talking with a friend about what I love to talk about. It can be low-key and doesn’t have to be scripted. 
  5. Recording more episodes versus quality episodes isn’t always better. This will always be dependent on the rhythm that works for you and your audience. It will ebb and flow. Make decisions based on what works for the season you are in and your business. 
  6. Having guests can be great, but make sure they are in alignment with your show. Be strategic about who you bring on and make sure they are relevant to your audience. It’s easy to unintentionally allow guests to move your podcast away from your original focus. 
  7. Podcasting builds the like/know/trust factor. It can allow people to get to know you and see what your business is all about. Podcasting can also help listeners know if you’ll be a good match to work with. 
  8. The tech side is actually not that hard. Recording is very easy. You have to start somewhere and you will improve quickly over time! You only need a few basics to get started.
  9. CTA’s are so important! Call to actions allow you to showcase your products. Every episode should have a step for your listeners to take.
  10. Batching is helpful, but not necessary. You really have to make your podcast work for you. The more you are doing in the business, it will force you to be more intentional about your content. But there are also times when I am just led by the Holy Spirit! 

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