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What’s the natural progression for growing and marketing my coaching program or online course? The truth is, there’s no one right way to do it – even though you’ll probably hear many other coaches and gurus telling you that you have to do it their specific way.  There’s a lot of strategy involved in choosing the right next step for your business. And not all strategies are right for your stage of business-building. There’s a difference between BETA launching, live launching, and evergreen launching. Listen in today to hear the difference between all three so you can make the best decision about what to do next in your faith-filled coaching or course-based business so you can build it in a sustainable and profitable way! 


The ultimate goal for a BETA launch is to get your first clients and to prove that your offer will sell. Typically you’ll start with people you know and build a connection in a 1:1 setting. Because you’re just starting out, you’re most likely spending time with them in a setting where you can build a relationship with them, so you can then build a group program or a course. This stage is typically more low-stress and is more about you building your program versus selling and making money. Doing this phase well means getting to the launching stage faster and easier, so don’t get stuck in the BETA phase!


The next phase for most coaches and course creators is to live launch. Taking what you learned in your BETA launch, you now begin mastering the sales process by selling what you have created – a group coaching program, a course, or even a 1:1 program. Doing this phase well will set you up to begin selling on evergreen, which is the next step in scaling your business.


This is the passive business model that everyone talks about – the Holy Grail of your business. The truth is, it isn’t 100% passive, but you can begin to step back from all the details of your business and begin to take your business to the next level. But the best part is, you’ve really done the hard work if you’ve done the first two phases well. You can’t just jump to this phase without moving through the first two phases.

You can’t skip these steps and anyone who tries to tell you differently is lying to you or they are simply selling a strategy that is designed for coaches or course creators that are already established businesses. As a Christian Business Coach, I want to encourage you to be connected with what God wants you to be doing because he has a heart for your growth. You want to be sure you’re building your business the way he has called you to do it! 


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