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We’re in the middle of launching season and it might feel like you have to do everything and do it right now! The demand is high to launch and sell before the end of the year and as a Christian Business Coach, I have fallen victim to the mentality of trying to do it all and manufacture success. Whether you are in the building phase or just a season of revamping your funnels or programs, it can be hard to watch other people have success, leaving us feeling like we aren’t doing enough or it’s not happening fast enough, so we try to manipulate our way into forward momentum. 

It’s easy to jump to the quick wins when we’re launching or growing our businesses, but maybe God is calling you to take the slower route, building a strong foundation and selling a signature program or maybe to just take your foot off the gas pedal and slow your roll. While you are building your business or making some changes to your offer, keep these important strategies in mind to avoid trying to manufacture or manipulate your way to success. 


Stop trying to do all the things! It’s easy to get caught up in the content hustle that isn’t actually converting. If you’re stepping into something that God has not called you to do, it’s not going to work out. If you are constantly trying to create new content, a new program, or a new offer, you are going to wear yourself out. Instead, try making some smaller tweaks to the offers you already have. 


It’s easy to convince ourselves that the next program or course that you purchase is going to be the magic bullet to fix the problems you are facing in your business. But the real problem is that you just aren’t sticking to the work that you need to be doing. Or, even worse, you think that maybe someone else will be able to do the work for you. In order to have real success, you have to stick with the hard work and steer clear of the quick fixes.


We can keep pushing ahead, but at what cost? We’re exhausted, our kids and family are, too. Sometimes there are seasons where we need to step back and take a rest. This doesn’t mean taking our foot entirely off the gas pedal, but maybe just slowing our pace down a little. Keep doing the work, but reevaluate what you actually have the capacity to do right now. 

As you look ahead to the 4th Quarter of this year, take some time to be in prayer and to be still. Resist the urge to move ahead of God’s timing. God is going to take you into the next level in your business in his timing. Allow him to lead you in this coming season! 


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