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I am so excited to touch on this subject today because I want to empower you to be the best Christian mom business owner you can be. I am not the perfect mother and I am not the perfect business owner, it’s all a balancing act. We’ve all seen these mommy bloggers on Instagram and their lives are perfect. It’s so easy to feel like we just aren’t living up to that, but let’s remember that we’re human, and being a mom is hard. Especially for those of us who are more business-minded and always thinking of new ideas. It can be hard to be at home and stay in ‘mom mode.’ So I want to encourage all you moms out there trying to balance it all, I applaud you. 

As a mom with a six-year-old in school, I have so many pieces of paper and so many reading assignments to balance! Our four-year-old is in preschool now and she’s got little things that she needs for school like assignments or parties. Our two-year-old is still at home with me or our nanny and I don’t have too much coordination to do with him but when he’s in school that will be just one more level. All of my kids are gifts from God and all of their personalities just shine, I feel like they all could grow up to rule the world. I know, big surprise when they are raised by a mom like me! 

I love how the Bible describes our kids as arrows in our quiver. God calls us to raise them in His ways, and it can be easy to forget this when we get busy with our businesses. I’ve been a working mom throughout my entire motherhood journey. Our first child was born in 2014, in the second year of my photography business. Although it was so busy, I was able to be at home full time with her. I didn’t have to go to the whole 9-5 workforce thing and I have been so blessed with a business that gives me that freedom. Our second child was born in 2016 when my business was flowing and just after she was born I stopped shooting weddings. And when I was pregnant with our third child was when I decided to close the photography business and go full-time into online education.

Define Your Working Hours

We all have those times in our day when kids are napping or after they go to bed when we can buckle down and get stuff done. I break my days up according to what will help me the most, using those times when the kids are quiet or sleeping. Maybe you know that your most productive time is from 5-7 AM when the kids are still in bed. Have a plan of what you are doing with your business during those hours and focus on the projects at hand. We all experience the interruptions of kiddos at home, but if you can focus on one thing instead of a million things at once, you’ll be more productive.

Also, it’s completely okay to pivot if something isn’t working right. For example, if you know that your best hours are in the morning, that might be a great time to get your strategy nailed down, and maybe you should power through email responses at a different time. It’s all about finding the perfect mix that works for you. At the end of the day, define those working hours and set times in your week and day for time to spend with your kids. Take a walk to the park, talk to the neighbors, then knock out a bunch of work when the kids go down for naps.

Outsource If You Can

Early in my business, I knew that I didn’t want to balance being a full-time mom and running a business at the same time. When our first child was six months old we began to explore some childcare options. For us, college-aged nannies have worked well. It’s life-changing. Our nanny puts away all of our laundry (even mine), they help put dishes away, they take our kids to and from school. It brings me more time, clarity, opportunity to meet with students or clients. 

Financially, the way that I looked at this was that if our home was in chaos while I couldn’t balance both family and business, both would suffer. Sometimes we try to do it all on our own and we wonder why our business isn’t growing and isn’t reaching that next level. The investment in bringing in help can often give us the time to triple or quadruple what we’re doing on our business side. We have also brought in a house cleaner in recent times, and I have a graphic designer and marketing expert. Because I have these people helping me, I can spend more quality time with my family.

Define Systems in the Home

Routines are so difficult for me and I am working hard to get better at them! I worked with a productivity coach who helped me schedule my life and break out my daily activities so I can check off those boxes that I need to get done each day. Systems in the home are so huge. Bedtimes, daily work hours, naptime, are rules and systems that we are consistent with within our home. We need to plan our days so that we are taking care of not only ourselves but also the rest of our family. If your home feels chaotic, it can be so difficult to run a business. Life is a series of systems and the more we define these in our home, the more you can keep that balance between mom and business owner.

There is never going to be the perfect balance between your family and your business, but these tips can really help you move that needle in your family and your business. Some seasons are harder than others; sicknesses in the home, big launches in your business, things like these can throw off your systems. The key thing is that you’re hitting those connection points that are important to you. Having that intentional time with your family is a product of managing your time and systems well. Sometimes we need to pivot to come into better alignment with certain aspects of your life, so it’s important to always be evaluating these systems. It’s never going to be perfect, it will ebb and flow, but make sure that what you are creating is in alignment with what you crave as a mother and as a Christian business owner.


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