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Okay guys, what do you call a fake noodle? An Im-Pasta!

Raise your hand, how real is imposter syndrome? It’s driven by fear, anxiety, and honestly, it doesn’t feel good. There’s a great quote out there that says – “God doesn’t call the equipped, he equips the called”. This fear and anxiety can keep us from taking that next step in our business, life, family, or job but let’s remember that He’s calling us into that place so he can provide the answer.

Fear and Anxiety

Let’s think back to caveman days. They had a lot of fear and anxiety, I mean they could starve to death, they could be attacked by a saber tooth tiger. At the end of the day, the survival instinct kicks in and it’s a real physiological response of ‘fight or flight.’ Back in the day, it was survival. And we still have these responses of fight or flight. In my mind, we have three options: Fight, Flight, or Freeze. So ask yourself, what is your reaction in these moments?

In my life, I’ve been a fighter, but for some people, this can be so overwhelming! It’s hard to speak about things that are difficult or share our beliefs. We deal with pushback, with Cancel Culture, with those who want to hurt us for doing the right thing. I felt scared when I opened my first business, I was terrified! Likewise, when I chose to close my photography business and open my faith-based education business, I remember thinking that I was turning away money in the hope of this big vision. It was scary! My latest big scary thing was speaking out about my faith and my beliefs. I had to say, “I’m not going to pander to this Cancel Culture because I am a Child of God.” So I want to encourage you in your next phase to not let that fear and anxiety dictate those responses in a way to make you an imposter. We constantly have to fight these feelings and thoughts. Take them captive and run them through the filter of Truth.

Being Ready is a Myth

We think we need to have the perfect house before inviting people over, or the perfect body before going to the gym. We think we need the perfect systems in place before coaching others or the perfect craft before opening our own company. We have to trust that God is going to equip us for these moments! We are called to walk with God step by step; He says he is going to light our path but we don’t have the whole road map of where He is bringing us. 

Moses is a great example of Imposter Syndrome. He didn’t think he was equipped to lead, so how funny that God uses him to lead His people out of Egypt! Moses was so comfortable, he had everything he needed, but God called him and pulled Moses out of that comfort. We have to trust Him, so build it and they will come! 

The best teacher is experience, and now is the time to make a choice and go for it. God will give you the energy to go out and do these things. As I get older, I’m getting more comfortable with trusting and hearing the Lord. It’s not always crystal clear, sometimes it’s a soft nudge. We won’t always get all the answers right away but we have to trust that we will get there in time.

My husband and I are currently under contract on a piece of land in a county that feels freer than the one we are currently in. We’re so excited about buying this land! But we don’t know how it’s going to work out. Hopefully, we can start building, but we have other dreams and certain pieces that need to fall together financially. We just have a lot of unknowns right now. We feel like God gave us this vision and this dream and we have to just trust that it’s the right thing for us. 

It’s funny how God puts these desires on our hearts at the right times. When God puts these desires on our hearts, it means He’s got something in the works for us. It reminds me of times at summer camp with all the trust falls and ropes courses that can be terrifying! But we have to trust that God will catch us just like those ropes caught us back at summer camp. 

You Are An Overcomer

Remember, we are more than conquerors because He gave us a spirit of power and love! Check those voices that you hear, because that Imposter Syndrome is not from God. We all feel scared and we have to work hard to face those fears. We have allowed ourselves and those around us to stop facing those fears, and that is what has created the divides in our world right now. We have become a society that is obsessed with the victim mentality, and that is not from God. And it can be hard, but that’s why God gave us that Spirit and the power to overcome these things. 

We all have our things, we are all human, we all have struggles, and nothing is perfect in any of our lives. At the end of the day, we have to know our identity in Christ and remember that He equips us. 

So go out, do the darn thing, do not fear because God is with you! I love the analogy that the kingdom of God is like a jungle gym and He gives us some freedom to decide where we’re going to play. God lets you choose where to bring your business as a Christian entrepreneur, He gives you choices! It’s like our beautiful rivers; they have many different paths and ways but they all reach the ocean. When we listen to God’s voice and follow His light on our path, we will reach the destination. This is the time to make some serious changes, some serious gains. We have people who are ready to fight for their future, and the rest will Flee or Freeze. Which one are you?


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