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Cancel culture is at an all-time high. Unfortunately, if you even say you are associated with someone or something, you could have someone go after you. I have had to deal with this horrible attitude a couple of times as a faith-based entrepreneur. What blew me away was how people lied and manipulated the truth thinking they had the right to go after my business. Thankfully, it didn’t work because people can usually see through this in the end. Even though this was an awful experience, I learned a lot and wanted to share some valuable tips with you!

Don’t let your emotions rule

I used to let the fear of people’s opinions and lies run my emotions and it was awful. I have found so much freedom amidst the backlash knowing the truth of God. Remember your identity is in Christ. He has given you a specific passion and voice, so stand firm in your identity! 

Be Firm, But Kind

We are called to speak the truth in love as Christian entrepreneurs. We can speak the truth with kindness. Sometimes people don’t receive the truth well and that’s not our fault. Just because we are kind and firm doesn’t mean we will be treated fairly.

Reject Being Bullied

When someone tries to bully you, reject it! Don’t own being bullied. You do not need to bow down to others’ demands. I believe we are doing an injustice if we allow ourselves to consistently be trampled by people who think it’s ok to go after livelihoods. These people do not have power over you.

Ever since I have taken the territory of truth back with boldness, my life has felt so much more free. I want you to be able to speak truth and have freedom! When you speak the truth and use the voice God gave you, the right people will be attracted to you, and the wrong will be repelled. Continue to pray about these fears and lay them down at the altar. We have nothing to fear.


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