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Episode 20: Big Tricks For Theming & Repurposing Your Content 

Being a female Christian entrepreneur in the world of social media, creating content is so important but can be so challenging. Content nurtures your clients consistently and creates consistency in your business. I felt like I was lacking consistency so my goal for the year was to create more content. Through trial and error, I’ve created my own method, and it is focused on staying true to monthly, weekly, and daily themes. How can I make it simple to repurpose content?

Monthly Theme

Every month I ask myself a few questions and figure out what the theme of the month is. I ask what am I launching, promoting, and planning this month? How can I plan my content around this offer, while creating and providing incredible value? 

Weekly Theme

After finding my monthly theme, I break it down and find a purpose for each week. I break it up into pillar content such as faith and mindset week, story week, business strategy week, etc. You can use this content to create a podcast, send out weekly emails, create a blog post, and so much more.

Daily Theme

Finally, after planning my week out, I break it up into daily content. This can look like creating different days to focus on different things such as a Q&A, testimonials, inspiration day, call to action day, etc. I find my goal for each day to wrap up my weekly goal, which will help me get to my monthly goal.

So much of creating content is not only repurposing your content but doing it with a clear and focused strategy. Being a faith-based business coach, this is huge for my business and I am learning along with you. With a little time and planning, you will be repurposing your content like a pro!


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