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Whether you struggle with finding friends like you or you just don’t know how to steward your friendships well, this episode is for you! Today we are talking all about making biz besties! I will be sharing practical ways to find, make, and keep these friendships.

Where to find business besties?

When we are looking for people to do life with we should be intentional about where we are looking. If you are looking for other Christian entrepreneurs, you probably won’t find them at the bar. Not saying it’s impossible, just unlikely. 

A few places to look for friends that are headed in the same direction as you might be your church, local community group, hiking group, online community, coaching program, or through a retreat. These can be more specific to your industry and stage of life as well. 

The importance of making friends with aligned values and beliefs

We want to have friends that are in similar life stages and share similar beliefs. It’s really hard to build friendships that are going to be long-standing with people if your values are completely contradictory. Making sure your political and religious beliefs lineup is so important. As female Christian entrepreneurs, and just Christians in general, we need to protect our hearts. If we’re not in alignment with the relationships in our life, where we have people supporting us who believe God’s word and live for him, then we’re not putting ourselves in a safe position to have our hearts cared for.

How to keep and steward these friendships well?

When we find the people that align with us, it is important to take time to get to know them. We need to invite them to our table and make an effort to get involved in their life. Be consistent, reliable, listen before you speak, be vulnerable, and share your story. Invite people to your table whether or not you’re comfortable with it or not.

Pray for these friends, put yourself in places that you’re going to find them, stir one another up, and encourage each other!


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  1. […] Looking back I have seen that God has had to remove people from my life because I have a hard time ending friendships. I can be too loyal and I don’t want to leave people behind. With this particular friendship,  I realized it would have become hard to grow because she is an unbeliever. I don’t say that in a hateful way at all – but the depth and authenticity couldn’t go any further. Therefore, learning from your past friendships can be incredibly valuable when making new ones. This last friendship has shown me how important it is to find people who are in alignment with my values and beliefs. […]

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