22. How To Hire Your First Employee & Start Outsourcing ASAP

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Hiring other people and outsourcing can be so helpful to scale your business. It will help bring your business to the next level and give you more time to do the things you love. After going through the process of hiring people, I realized Hiring is such an art. So, if you’re ready to bring on a new team member or start outsourcing, this episode is for you!

Create a Job For Their Zone of Genius

I started expanding my team earlier this year to give me more time with my family and still be able to be present as a faith-based business coach. This time I decided to take a different approach. I decided to create jobs based on the skills and strengths of the people I hired. Rather than hiring one person to do it all, I found hiring a few different people with specific skills works better. I want my team to be full of people who enjoy what they are doing and excel in those areas!

Make Sure Values + Beliefs Align

Being in the faith-based niche, values and beliefs are huge to me. I was very upfront about what I valued from the beginning of my hiring process. The cool thing is I sent out the application to my email list, so the people applying were already in my world. Remember, these people don’t have to be exactly like you, but having similar beliefs will help a lot!

Invest In Training Process

Training your employees is huge in order for them to be successful. It will take time to train employees and make protocols for your business. I have found that sometimes you don’t know if someone will be the right fit for the position until they get into the job. This time around I had my applicants send me copywriting samples and complete a small design project. This helped me know that they were capable of doing the tasks I was expecting of them. 

Each round of training and hiring will get better and your processes will become more clear. Pray for the right people to join your team and then invest in them. Have patience and grace with yourself and them!


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