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I am so excited to talk about this topic today because sometimes we wonder what it’s like to have God in our business. I’ve been through these different seasons: growing my business, getting crazy busy and overwhelmed, then scaling and modifying things in my business. We have slow seasons and busy seasons and seasons of wondering. The economy can boom or crash, the world can throw us curveballs, and through all of this God just wants us to trust Him.

I try to have a conversation with God daily. I market myself as a faith-based entrepreneur and we talk a lot about faith, but when we get down to business I don’t always include super-spiritual talk. I feel like I’ve let God into my business by having constant conversations with him throughout the day.

Pray for Things to Work and to Not Work

I pray for God’s will to be done, and sometimes I have to check myself on this because sometimes our plans don’t always line up. I pray that I attract the right people for my programs and that I am growing my business in alignment with what God has planned for me. There is a lot of trial and error involved and I’ve seen both successes and failures. I pray that God gives me the right ideas and that He has His hand in what I’m doing. If it’s not the direction that He wants for me, I pray that He will be clear and close those doors if needed. 

I also pray for my students, that I can help them and that they are ready to invest in their dreams. I speak openly in my launches about where I stand in my beliefs and I do that because I don’t want to hide any pieces of myself. It can be a scary thing to be this open, but by faithfully praying I can trust in God.

I pray for seasons to end and seasons to begin. Seasons of hustle and consistency can be overwhelming sometimes, so I pray that I can handle those seasons. If I feel that certain parts of my life aren’t getting the attention they need, I pray for seasons to end so I can pivot if needed. It’s a daily ongoing conversation with God to get me through every single day.

Ask for Guidance Regarding Big Decisions

This could be before hiring someone; you can pray for God to bring you the right person, the right hours, the right pay structure. I ask for guidance in my launch strategy and how it will connect with my students. I want to be obedient to God and what He wants for me. I ask for guidance regarding difficult clients. It’s not a frequent problem, but I do come across pain points in my boundaries where I need to ask God for guidance. I ask for God’s guidance during a time of big pivots in my life. Do I have the capacity, is this the right time, is this the right thing for my family? Ultimately, I ask for clarity when I create something. I don’t always have all of the puzzle pieces and I ask God to give me those final aspects of certain things and He can grant me that clarity.

Re-Evaluate Your Purpose

I have conversations with God to see if I’m still on track with where He wants me to be. Am I acting out of pride, am I neglecting my family, am I paying attention to my health? What am I doing right or wrong in my pursuit of this passion that is keeping me in alignment with what God wants for me? Sometimes we are led to be more present in certain areas of our lives and it’s not necessarily a season of growth, but more a season of consistency. I pray about this often and it helps to evaluate and recalibrate where I need to be in terms of God’s will. We have to take what we want and lay it at the altar; give it to Him and ask if it’s also what He wants. 

We make our plans, but God directs our steps. He may show me what the end destination might be, but He doesn’t give me an exact road map for where to go. He lights my next step and I have to trust that He is leading me through these seasons with Truth and with Love and taking me to my end destination. He has never disappointed me, and I have to hold that dearly!


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