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Today we’re talking about the 4 steps to starting an online business. Maybe you’re here because you’re thinking about starting an online business, or you’ve already started an online business, or you want to take the business you already have online. Whatever it is, I’m here to help you understand the different stages of growing your influence and business.

If you didn’t already know, I started as a photographer in the local service industry. When I decided to start my online business coaching business, it was after running a local business for years. I wanted to take my knowledge to help other people in the online space, and I followed these 4 steps.

Build Credibility

For me, I knew that I built a successful photography business and wanted to help others, particularly women, start and run their businesses. I knew I had all of this value and credibility and that helped give me a platform to start my online business from the start. I’m not saying you need to be an absolute expert, you just need enough knowledge to help someone. If you’re entering the coaching or service world, you need to understand the concept that people are paying for someone to help them. You’re providing an accountability structure.

My passion was business, and the photography business was the vessel that carried my passion. Before I jumped into anything else, I wanted to prove my expertise there. Many people end up teaching or coaching in a space that they’ve experienced. Credibility is huge when people are buying your product or service and you have to build that trust factor.

Test Your Concepts

As you build your business, you need to test your services with an audience. This helps how you shape your audience for the future. We don’t just jump into a business and automatically know who we are going to help. You have to test things out, build that audience, and the early days are the best time to do this. In my faith-based business coaching business, I started working with photographers who craved freedom. That then pivoted to faith-based photographers in addition to those who crave freedom, and now I am moving into an audience that’s beyond just photographers. I didn’t know where I was supposed to be until I tested concepts and ideas with different people. I was eventually able to find that space that just felt right.

Find a Working Model

To build a successful online business, you have to find success somewhere and you need to find something that will bring in revenue. If I have certain programs that resonate with people and bring in money, I have found something that works. You can’t create these systems without knowing what works, so find what will bring in revenue and build your systems from that base.

Scale Your Working Model

Once you have your successful model, you can grow your systems to scale your businesses. You’ve built that credibility, tested your concepts, and now you have a model that works so now you have to scale. I started doing launches constantly at one point in the start of my online business. This helped show me what worked, what didn’t, what wasn’t worth my time, and what could bring in revenue over the years. Now that I have those working models, I can scale them and automate them into reliable systems that succeed.

These four stages can naturally happen, but you have to be aware of the stage that you’re in. You can’t jump straight into scaling your business if you haven’t built your credibility or tested your audience or built a working model. I have walked through this over the last couple of years and I know the process, the ups, and downs. It can be frustrating and confusing, but when things start to work and come together it’s like magic. Then you have room to continue building and serving and creating those models. 

So, don’t feel like this needs to happen all at once. Embrace those times when you’re building credibility and testing your concepts. Be present where you are and don’t force success right away. The reality is, we are called by God to see favor in all seasons and to become stewards for Him. It’s all about His timing and the opportunities that He gives us. The online world is not going anywhere so hop in, do it with passion, and keep rocking it!


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