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Everyone talks about finding dream clients. But what does that mean? Any client that will buy from me, or likes what I do? Well, I believe that your dream client is one that God designed for you to work with and serve. Even in the last year, this has become more clear to me as I have started working in the faith-based niche. 

When it comes to polarization, we usually think it’s bad. I agree we don’t want to create drama or problems, but in the world today it’s not that simple. I ended up finding my audience through polarization; I decided I was going to speak my mind about what I believe as a Christian business coach and a politically conservative business owner. In the summer of 2020, I came out and spoke about my beliefs and my frustrations and I was honest with my clients about that. To me, I felt like I had been silenced for years because I didn’t want to rock the boat but seeing where the world had gone, I felt like I was part of the problem by not speaking out. 

So, to find your dream client you do need to be polarizing. About a year ago I would have hated this! I didn’t want to make anyone mad or make anyone dislike me. If you don’t stand for anything, then you stand for nothing. Our ultimate goal as business makers is to make an impact and if there aren’t people speaking against you then maybe you’re not being loud enough. There can be pain and doubt and hurt with this kind of stance, but as we change the culture we can provide a better audience for our businesses.

This past summer, I sent an email to my email list to be transparent about my beliefs. I didn’t want to hide who I am to make others like me. I had so many people reach out to say, “thank you” or that I had encouraged them. I would say 90% of my responses were positive and encouraging! In that experience, I realized that this is where I want to be as a female Christian business owner. I want to work with people who value me, value my honesty, and value my purpose.

Then I had the negative responses. The typical 10%. People were bashing me for standing up for my values and it was the ugliest thing that has ever happened to me. Going through these hard situations, I made a joke that ‘riches are in the niches.’ Everything that we choose to do is going to polarize someone. Jesus did not call us to be lukewarm, so for Christians, there is no middle ground. We have a responsibility to stand up for the good things in this world and stop letting the world define what is good and what is bad.

In a way, I feel that we have failed as a Church because we built this narrative that Jesus is all about love. We painted this weak picture of Jesus when in reality he was very polarizing. We cannot let people live the lie of our current culture because we are too afraid to stand up.

Why do we feel like conflict and disagreements are bad? Courage is not a cheap thing; there is a cost to standing up and having disagreements. The business landscape has changed dramatically as the online review and Cancel Culture world has grown. I feel that we need to grow a thicker skin and stand up to the bullying and the cancel culture. If you are trying to please everyone, to cater to those who don’t care for you anyway, you are running from what God wants for you as a business owner. Don’t live your life for the approval of others.

We need to honor where our business needs to go and who we need to serve. It’s like specialization in the photography industry. If a wedding photographer is asked to take photos of families or portraits, they are going against their specialization. Polarization is like this in that you get to connect with like-minded people and can protect your business in that way. If you are clear about what you stand for, you will be working with those who want to work with you. Loyalty, connection, commonalities will all come from these dream clients. 

At the end of the day, feeling connected to your client base will be much more fulfilling to you as a business owner and will result in more longevity for your business. It’s going to create protection around you with clients who will stand up for you as others try to bring you down. Since I took my stand and moved into the faith-based market, my business has only grown. I’ve been an entrepreneur for almost a decade. Looking at that journey, the ups and downs, and different clients, I am so thankful to understand this lesson on a deeper level. 

It can be scary to be polarizing, but remember that there are people out there who need you. They need a home, they need businesses that aren’t afraid to stand up for what they believe. There will always be resistance when you stand for things, I mean Jesus died on a cross because he stood for something! But what is life about? Not the middle ground or the lukewarm. Pick a side, face your fear! You will feel so much better when you feel that you are reaching the audience that God has planned for you.


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