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Facebook ads…dun. dun. dun. Are you scared of them? Do you wonder if they’ll convert and get you your desired outcome? Most people only think of Facebook ads as boosted posts and they spend little money or time on them. It’s easy to feel like they just don’t have an impact. 

Facebook ads are not magic! 

The purpose of Facebook ads is to send traffic to your offer or business. They’re designed to boost your traffic, but you need to know how to set them up and send your traffic to the right location. 

This is where most people have a difficult time. Facebook ads are a numbers game. You have to spend enough money to see conversions. It really depends on your industry and type of offer. What is the purpose of your ads? Brand awareness or purchase?

Facebook ads have the potential to work really well for you. This allows you to jumpstart your growth.


Is your audience the right audience? You need to test out what audience is connecting with what you’re offering. What audience is converting? You may not know who your end client will be until you go in and mess with the FB ad settings. Two helpful ways I have found to build audiences are off of who other people follow and off of lookalike audiences off of your email list or past purchases. You can choose people who like certain brands and certain influencers. You can target based on interest, location, and demographic. Not only should you have a brand persona but you should also be testing that in your ads. 

Make sure that you’re not making your ads too busy. You want to test 1 variable at a time. Different audiences convert for different offers as well. This is where you want to spend your time and money.


Your ad copy and images need to give people the feels. People love to connect with stories and relate to the copy. Paint a picture that they can just walk into. That will be the difference between an ad that does well and one that doesn’t. Keep testing. 

You want to make things really clear with what you’re posting and writing. Maybe a video will convert better than an image. Know that you can test your copy, images, and headlines. These are a key part of getting your ads to convert. Take some serious time trying this stuff out, even if it’s at a small cost.


This is so important! A landing page that converts well is one at 35% to 50% for email addresses. Your landing page needs to be something that takes your audience on a journey. If you’re not using a landing page you won’t be able to keep the audience engaged. We still need to use what we can to get brand awareness and have them convert. This is where the sales funnel plays a big part. 

We’re not experts overnight. Building a successful landing page takes time. Is your audience taking action on your page? If not it may not be your ad that’s not converting but your landing page that isn’t giving value.

Keep testing and find out where you’re losing your target client. Facebook ads are not that scary. They can work really well for you and anyone can learn it. Over time you will become more familiar but make sure you go in with an actual strategy. 

This is a resource you can use to be strategic about building an audience and growing your business. You can do it! Don’t get intimidated and start tracking.


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