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I am thrilled that in this week’s episode, I have a special guest, Heather Chesky.  Let’s talk about money and how it relates to owning your own business and how to honor God with your finances and your business.

There are so many incorrect mindsets regarding money and Christianity.  

It is important to hear what Jesus says about money.  Over 2000 bible verses and 40% of the parables were talking about money, so clearly we need to address the issue of our relationship with money and how it relates to our spiritual life.

We are not talking about a “health and wealth gospel”.  Prosperity isn’t just about wealth and it isn’t just for you.  It is about health, joy and peace of mind as well.  Money has purpose.  People often have the thought that they just want enough money for their family, but Jesus didn’t just care about his family.  He cared about the sick, the widows and the world.  It takes money to expand the Kingdom of God. 

Rich is not a number!  It is the ability to do what God calls you to do.  Money can and does make an impact.  You need money to fulfill the gospel and the great commission.  It is time to shift your mindset.  Money is simply a transfer of value. 

It can be hard to continue to move forward if you don’t have the resources to do so.  Sometimes you have to buy back your time as a resource.  Hiring people to do things you don’t like to do or don’t have time to do can be a huge blessing, not only to you, but also to the person you are employing.  Jesus wants to help us and wants us to help others.  

Perhaps God is calling you to an uncomfortable mindset shift. 

Why do we not feel like we are worthy of God’s blessing?  What has shaped that unworthy feeling in your life?  Sometimes our youth or childhood can incorrectly shape our value and worth, however, we need to find our identity and worth in Christ.  

We are being challenged with something new.  Something that is uncomfortable. God wants us to create big things…for ourselves and for others.  Perhaps we weren’t just called to work for someone else our whole lives.  Apprenticeships are good, but perhaps that isn’t the ultimate goal.

God’s first commandment to Adam and Eve was to be fruitful and multiply. Why would God call them to be fruitful if he wasn’t going to give them the resources to take care of that multiplication?  We don’t just want money for money’s sake.  God is our source and our resource.  

Most importantly as Christians and as female Christian entrepreneurs, we need to stay in alignment with Him so we can use our wealth for His purpose.  Take some time to sift through what might be holding you back from the wealth that God has set before you.


Head to for more information about Heather’s upcoming book.

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