01: The Heart Behind It All: Freedom, Faith + Biz Battlefield

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Welcome to She’s Wild and Radiant! I created this podcast out of a desire to connect with wild, radiant entrepreneurial women. Through the years I’ve been silenced and attacked for my beliefs and have seen many others experience the same thing. This podcast is for those who have felt the same way, those that crave freedom and want to have a voice in this world. Is that you? I’m so glad you’ve found us!

I want to empower you to find your voice in the endless sea of negativity and competition. Believe it or not, you can kill it in your business AND create a ministry around that. It doesn’t have to be one or the other. We don’t fit into this world and we aren’t meant to. Let’s stop trying and step out boldly to serve our king.

For episode 1 we’re talking about the why behind this podcast and my story of finding freedom and faith in the business world.


As Christian women entrepreneurs, we all yearn for freedom in some area of our lives. Is it to be with family, travel, adventure? I’m sharing how I found freedom to create beauty and give my family the lifestyle we want. You CAN have freedom in your business and shouldn’t ever have to compromise on that.


This world seeks to silence believers, especially in the business world. Do you fear those that seek to close your business because of your beliefs? I know that feeling! I’m sharing my stories that have led me to overcome the fear and take on the calling to encourage you to share your faith. Sharing the gospel looks different for everyone, but you DO have a voice! Where do you fit? What do you have to share through your business? Let’s find out together.


This world of business and faith is treacherous. There are countless voices seeking to determine what we can talk about. There are negative reviews, cancel culture, and so much more seeking to silence believers into fitting into what the world wants of us. Do you believe the lie that you can’t speak about things like faith and politics in your business? I’m here to tell you that your passions to speak to current issues and have a thriving business can both happen. It’s not simply that we can have it both ways, but that it’s our calling to do something with what we have been given. Don’t quench those passions for the sake of fitting in. Build that business and speak your truth!

Let’s create a movement of empowered entrepreneurial believers who step out bolding for their faith! You CAN launch and build that business. You CAN fulfill your calling in life. And I am here to support you in that along with our deep community of like-minded women. I’m forming an army of Wild and Radiant women who encourage each other to fulfill their ministry. I hope you join us!


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