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God is a God of order. We can see His order throughout all of creation. In episode 2, I’m sharing the vision of a flower and the blooming process that was given to me when I started my Faith-Based Business Coaching business. This process illustrated God’s order in designing a business and giving us a process to follow. Is your business disorganized and lacking focus? Let me share the order that I follow. Hopefully, it will give you some clarity on the order of operations! 

The  5-phases

There are 5-Phases to building and growing a business. We start with the initial dream seeds which need to be firmly planted into the ground before we can even start. This is the vision that God gave you which will help you plant your ROOTS (i.e. phase 1). You have to build that proper foundation and know your why. Next, your STEM breaks through the dark soil and you get to do the boring business things, like registering your business and setting up your contracts. After that, we get to the BUD stage, where you get to dial in your messaging and create a brand that connects with your people. It’s your potential all packaged and contained into a bud waiting to bloom. Once you have your bud, you need to nourish it so it can bloom. This is where your workflows and marketing come in to help you create systems and mobilize your brand out into the world. This is the water + sun to your flower that is essential to thriving. Our last phase is the BLOOM! This is where you get to book clients, sell your stuff and ultimately have a HARVEST after the hard work. This is where you see the game change, and it can’t be rushed or get to a point where it thrives if the steps are skipped.

There is an order here – Awareness, interest, desire, action. Every business needs a framework to thrive, but when you’re focused on just trying to get a client without laying the groundwork you’re just treading water.  

Do you run your business like this?

Are you rushing the process or skipping steps and wonder why you aren’t successful? We need to organize our businesses in a way where things are disciplined. There is order; we’re not operating out of chaos. Or maybe you just feel like you’re doing it because that’s how somebody else told you to do it, but it’s not been successful. The answer to these struggles is in one of these five phases. 

God gave us this beautiful order.  He is a God of order and we see it over and over again in how He designs EVERYTHING! Your business should follow his order as well. Using the 5-phase process you’re giving your business a healthy, God-inspired framework to thrive in. Each stage gets you closer to reaching your ideal client and getting that sale.

I hope these steps bring you peace in your faith-based business and hope that you can thrive when you follow HIS order. 


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