03. Jesus Taught Us The Ultimate Marketing Hack


January 19, 2021


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Yes, that’s right, Jesus gives us the ultimate hack! Instead of overthinking the process, Jesus gave us a simple and impactful way to market: STORYTELLING.

The heart of your faith-based business in marketing is not that complicated. It’s nurturing a relationship. We have the answers in the example Jesus gave us through His storytelling. In this episode, I am digging into the way Jesus told stories and how that gives us a framework for marketing. 


Your client wants an incredible transformation. The word of God shares stories with us that allow us to connect with generations past. The story arc comes in 5-phases – exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution. You can listen to the episode for more depth, but I love how we see even Bible stories play out using the story arc.

In the book of Esther specifically, we see the excitement build for the reader with a party boy King who kicks his wife off the throne to bring in a new one, who happens to be a jew and the target of a man who is the right-hand man of the king. Then Esther is challenged to rise up and save her people or perish. She decides to approach the king even though she could lose her life for it, but she prevails and Haman ends up getting hung on the gallows he built for her uncle Mordecai. There is so much here, but storytelling is more than a nice story, it captivates and engages the audience.


How does this fit into marketing you might ask? People want connection in order to buy. Jesus shows how we can tell a story to our clients that makes them the hero of their own story. Every client has a pain point. Nurturing that relationship means starting from that pain point and making them triumphant over it. Making them feel…taking them on a GRAND ADVENTURE!


There’s got to be something in the marketing funnel that is going to build a relationship with them, connect with them, and put them in that feeling brain. The stories in the bible give us the solution to every pain point in life – that Christ died on the cross for our sins. All throughout scripture we’re given stories that make us feel and point us to the ultimate hope. We all yearn for this resolution. Tell your audience a story that makes them feel and entices them to learn more. A story that overcomes their objectives, solves their problems, tells them they are worthy, and makes them the hero. 

How incredible that in the passages of scripture we are given the ultimate marketing hack straight from Jesus! This ultimate hack is transformative and life-changing. You will never go wrong with stories. 


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