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The cultural shifts in the business world have been on my heart recently. To be honest, I think we’re in times where we’re not going to be able to separate our beliefs from our businesses anymore. The hatred and intensity in our world have risen to a level that I didn’t really think was possible, and it’s got us alarmed with how it may affect our businesses.

I 100% believe that business owners are going to have to choose how to run their business and the answer may not be marketing to just everyone. Businesses that are going to survive and thrive in times like this are the ones who are willing to be bold, and I want to encourage you in that. Be bold, run with your beliefs, speak God’s truth! Gone are the days of business and faith being separate.

Our country is divided, there’s no denying it. We are seeing evil trying to take over God’s world. There’s a deep hatred for Christianity taking root in our society. I even see this with many of my own friends who believe that religion and Christianity are dangerous. I believe that God is putting this on our hearts to encourage us to live for him in our business, in our faith, in our family. There are heavy things on the horizon, but also a lot of hope and a lot of joy.

Persecution As a Business Owner

We as Christian business owners may be persecuted in the future, and that will affect our business. Simple things like buying and selling aren’t as simple as they used to be. Look at something like cancel culture

This is where networking comes in. We have to unite over common truths and seek out the right people. We’ve seen models of how this can work in the past. My husband and I are friends with a local Mennonite family and they are currently building a house. As they’re building, they have a  Mennonite contractor for everything. Windows…framing…everything is within their little community. This is a great example of living in the world and not of the world, which is a testimony to a beautiful network! Gone are the days of the middle ground. It’s time to choose between living in the world or of the world.

Diversify Your Marketing

Let’s talk about diversification. We need to mix up where we’re showing up. Places like Facebook and Twitter aren’t necessarily as safe as they used to be. My own Facebook Ads account was shut down for 30 days because of something that I shared personally with a family member. This is real. We can’t afford to build our businesses 100% on social media anymore. Take control of your content and diversify where your networks are.

In an effort to work through this, I am building a community on the Mighty Networks platform. It’s a place where I own that information, the community, the groups, and the resources. I’m building this because I don’t know what will happen with Facebook or Instagram. Likewise, building a robust email list is so important because you can own that list. Through all of this, we trust God and place our businesses in His hands.

Speaking Truth

I’m speaking truth in a more radical way to some extent, and it’s been quite the journey. I’ve seen hate, but I’ve also gained a following that is solid in their faith and determination to follow God’s calling. We can’t be afraid to speak our truth. This is where we show up, where we can influence, where we can change the culture. Trust that your people are out there and don’t be afraid to be polarizing and speak your absolute truth. It was never my dream to be so radical because I didn’t want to be disliked, but at the end of the day I knew I could not be silent. I want you to rise up and do this with me in your business too.

Billy Graham once said, “When a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are also stiffened.” Stand up for those around you who are being persecuted and stick to your guns! You will be surprised by how your business can grow with the right people. I’m not going to lie, it’s tough. I had past and current clients turn from me. I’ve received hateful messages. But it’s worth it! Remember, the Church exists to strengthen each other and it’s hard to fill another’s cup when your own cup is not overflowing.

At the end of the day, we really need to look at history and how it repeats itself. How can we adapt to these times as Christian female business owners? Who will we keep close to us when we have so much truth to offer? Remember the voices that you listen to and the voice that you put out there as you speak your truth. We’re going to be okay, let’s have hope. God is waiting for us to stand up, rise to the top, and realize His massive plans for us as we use our businesses as platforms for Him!


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