57. Ready to Build an Online Business? How I Knew It Was Time to Jump In Without Looking Back (Part 1 of 6)

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We are kicking off a Christian Business Podcast series called Captivated: The Course Creators and Online Coaches series. If you are a course creator, a consultant wanting to build an online business, or you’ve already started an online business and you just haven’t been getting a lot of traction, you do not want to miss the next six weeks! I’m going to take you behind the scenes of my business, give you a backstage pass of the things I’ve gone through, what I’ve learned through the process, and also help you build an online business that is ultimately in alignment with where God has called you for this season. This week we are focusing on my background story and how I knew it was time to step away from my local service business and jump into the online world.

Changing Passion:

I was starting to have seasons of burnout with my photography business, especially as I had young children and it was hard to shoot while pregnant and it was hard to be gone so often when they were so little. When you are not excited about what you are doing, or it feels heavy, it might be time to move on and close a door or chapter. These changes can be bittersweet but they can propel you to do something bigger or better.

Wanting to Scale:

I wanted to scale but in a local, service based business, that meant building a physical team and I didn’t want that pressure. I wanted to build something bigger than myself and go deeper into helping people. Ultimately that led me to building an online coaching business. Perhaps you feel God calling you to something beyond a local business so that you can impact a larger audience!

Following God’s Leading:

Sometimes it takes a leap of faith. It might mean turning away business, inquiries or money (like I had to do), or perhaps it is making a pivot in your business that is scary. If God is pressing something on your heart, it might be time to take the leap of faith and go into an unknown future for your biz. Lean into what God is speaking over you and follow his leading.

If you want to build a Christian online business or start a Christian coaching business, follow along on the Christian Business Podcast for the next 5 weeks as I continue to deep dive into how I built my successful online biz.


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