189. Come to the Mother-Daughter Retreat at Dollywood!

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I am currently on a mini-sabbatical, but I am so excited to share in today’s podcast an invaluable opportunity for Christian coaches who are moms with young daughters (ages 7-13). 

If you’re like me, you crave a relationship with your daughter. It is not easy being a busy Christian business coach who is building a business but also raising daughters. If you want to find a way to connect with your daughter and show her how much you value her, you do not want to miss this year’s retreat for moms and daughters. 

The Audacious Dollywood Retreat is a way for you to build strong mother-daughter bonds, to teach your daughters how to build deep and honoring friendships, to speak identity over them, to teach them how to have healthy minds and bodies, and enable them to become brave + purpose-driven little world changers!

I invite you to join me and my two daughters, Eleanor (almost 10) and June (7), at the Audacious Dollywood Retreat for mothers & daughters ages 7-13!

This is a transformative, identity-driven, 4-day, 3-night unplugged LUXURY RETREAT designed for Christian CEO moms and their daughters (ages 7-13) to foster DEEP MOTHER-DAUGHTER CONNECTION

During the retreat, you and your daughter will:

-Enjoy special, dedicated, set-aside time for just you and your little girl to focus on bonding, building memories, and strengthening your relationship…

-Bond over individual and group activities, make new friends, and enjoy strengthening your mother-daughter bond without the distractions of everyday life, and show your daughter just how special she is to you…

-Meet new friends and bond with other mother-daughter power teams looking to embrace their Christ-given identity…

-Learn what Jesus says about you as a mother and daughter: valued, loved, cherished, and more precious than rubies. Help your daughter to recognize her worth and how to embrace His purpose for her life with confidence and grace…

-Develop a deeper relationship with your daughter than you ever thought possible, cultivate an environment of trust and intimacy that fosters true identity in Christ and strengthens your bond for a lifetime..

-Build new memories of mother-daughter friendship through the adventure of Dollywood…

-Leave the distractions of screen time, building online businesses, and schoolwork behind and embrace the quality time you’ve been wishing for… 

I want you to take a moment to imagine…

You and your daughter arrive and settle into your private king room together for the utmost comfort and privacy, ensuring a restful retreat experience.

The next day, you wake up to enjoy breakfast and a Bible study (maybe a dance party, too!) to prepare for a day out at Dollywood

You go to sleep with a sore face from smiling and launching so much together. Your daughter tells you as you fall asleep, “I had so much fun with you today, Mom. I love you.”

The following day, you have another adventure together, starting with a mother-daughter photoshoot to capture the spirit of your relationship and preserve your cherished moments in timeless photographs that you can treasure for years to come.

You head home having made lifelong memories, new friends, and are now bonded for life with your daughter. You are closer than ever and have a plan for continuing to grow together in the years to come!

If you’re serious about transforming your relationship with your daughter and creating core memories and a BFF bond, then this may just be the perfect fit for you!

Get more info about Dollywood here: https://www.wildandradiant.com/audaciousdollywood


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