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Hey Hey! Ashley June here, your dedicated Christian business coach, and I am absolutely thrilled to bring you the insights from today’s podcast episode. As we excitedly step into Q1 of 2024, it’s a truly exciting era for entrepreneurs, especially those in the Christian coaching industry. This is a golden opportunity to revitalize your strategies and give a new direction to your online businesses. 

Whether you’re embarking on the journey to start an online business or are ready to start scaling your coaching business, this moment is ripe with potential. It’s a time to embrace the unique challenges and opportunities that this year presents. As a Christian business coach, I am here to guide you through, ensuring that your spiritual values align with your entrepreneurial aspirations. Remember, blending faith with business can lead to a fulfilling and prosperous journey, and I’m here to show you how.

Team Building and Systems

Now, let’s dive deeper into the world of team building and systems – these are not just essential components but the very foundation for scaling your coaching or course-based business. Building a team that perfectly aligns with your vision, while implementing effective systems, can initially seem overwhelming. However, in my journey, embracing these challenges has been absolutely pivotal. As someone who’s been at the forefront of team development for years, I can attest to the transformative power of a cohesive and dedicated team. It’s not just about hiring; it’s about creating a culture that embodies your Christian coaching ethics and drives your business forward. Think of your team as a small community with each member bringing their unique strengths and faith-driven perspectives to the table. This diversity is what makes a team robust and dynamic. 

Remember, in the realm of Christian coaching, it’s not just about the skills; it’s about the heart and the spirit that each team member brings to your mission. When you have a team that shares your vision and passion, the systems you implement will naturally be more effective and aligned with your goals. It’s about creating an ecosystem where faith, passion, and business acumen coexist harmoniously.


When it comes to advertising, it’s clear that organic reach has its place, and it often meets a ceiling. Whether it’s through podcasting, YouTube, or Instagram, one must ponder – do you really want to be tied down to constant content creation? This is where the power of paid advertising shines, particularly for Christian business coaches. Investing in targeted advertising, like Facebook ads, has shown me that for every dollar spent, a significant return is possible. It’s this strategic investment that can exponentially scale your business. But it’s not just about spending money on ads; it’s about understanding your audience and crafting messages that resonate with their spiritual and entrepreneurial journeys. 

As a Christian business coach, your advertising should not just sell a service; it should communicate a message of faith, hope, and empowerment. It’s about creating a narrative that speaks to the hearts of your potential clients, showing them how your coaching can illuminate their path to success. Remember, in our industry, authenticity and genuine connection are key. Your audience wants to see the real you, your faith, and your passion for coaching. This is what makes your advertising efforts stand out and truly connect with those you’re meant to serve.


The collective wisdom in a mastermind group is invaluable, especially in the Christian coaching industry. It’s a space where shared goals and visions come to life, where the synergy of collective intelligence sparks innovation and growth. Our Selah Mastermind is a testament to this, offering rich resources and a supportive community. It’s more than just a group; it’s a catalyst for growth, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – your faith, your family, and your entrepreneurial spirit. In a mastermind, you’re not just learning; you’re engaging in a journey of mutual growth and enlightenment. It’s a place where challenges are shared, strategies are discussed, and breakthroughs happen. 

The power of a mastermind lies in its ability to bring together diverse perspectives under a shared vision. It’s where you find accountability, support, and the kind of inspiration that comes from being part of a community that understands your journey. Our mastermind is tailored for Christian business coaches, ensuring that every discussion, every piece of advice, and every strategy is infused with our core values of faith, integrity, and excellence. This isn’t just about growing your business; it’s about growing as an individual and a leader in the Christian coaching community.

These three scaling investments – building a dynamic team, leveraging smart advertising, and engaging in a mastermind – are key to growing your online Christian coaching business in 2024. They’re transformative steps towards a prosperous and fulfilling career and life. It’s about taking your business to the next level while staying true to your Christian values and vision. 

Remember, the journey to scaling your business is not just a path to financial success; it’s a journey of personal and spiritual growth. It’s about creating a legacy that resonates with your faith and your passion for coaching. Don’t miss out on our exclusive Selah Mastermind offer, including a one-on-one 6-figure scaling-plan session with me. Embrace this chance to elevate your business, and apply now for an experience that will redefine your path to success and personal fulfillment. Let’s embark on this journey together, with faith as our guide and success as our destination.


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