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Today we’re diving into the realities of the online coaching industry and the often misportrayed financial journey that people take to get to $1M. I’m talking all about the misconceptions surrounding reaching financial milestones like $1M, the importance of repeatable sales systems, the value of constant reinvestment, and how poverty mindset and character flaws can hinder your success as a faith-filled coach or course creator. Join us as we explore the truth behind the glamorized facade and discover the real keys to financial success as a Christian business owner.


One common misconception in the coaching industry is the portrayal of the financial journey as effortless and quick. However, we know that achieving financial success requires dedication, perseverance, and hard work. While there are those who flaunt their supposed million-dollar businesses, the reality can often be quite different. It’s essential to be cautious of those who present a glamorous image while facing financial struggles behind the scenes.

In total transparency, I have not hit $1M in a single year, but I am projecting a substantial income of $500k by the end of this year. The key is to recognize that if you can reach $100k, you can certainly aim for $1M. Success is a journey, and it requires perseverance and dedication to attain those ambitious goals. You have to always be growing and walking with God through this process. 


Consistency is a vital aspect of the financial journey. To reach financial milestones, it’s crucial to establish reliable sales systems that provide repeatable income projections. Additionally, constant reinvestment plays a crucial role in achieving financial growth. Embracing the idea of being “cash poor” while reinvesting funds back into the business allows for further expansion and multiplication of income. While it may seem uncomfortable at times, this practice can be the key to long-term success and prosperity.


The influence of mindsets within the coaching industry cannot be underestimated! Sadly, the church has glamorized being poor and that holds us back! We are hindered by a poverty mindset, believing that we should not strive for financial success. This perspective can be detrimental to their potential to grow and achieve their dreams.

Moreover, the importance of character flaws in the pursuit of success is highlighted.You have to be willing to take responsibility for your own personal growth and acknowledge that success is ultimately dependent on your own personal efforts. Blaming external circumstances or making constant excuses can hinder progress.

The bible teaches us to gain wealth little by little and it also warns against becoming squanderers of resources, dreams, and opportunities. Embracing a growth mindset and building a strong character are fundamental in achieving long-term financial success.


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