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I get this soooo much, you want your online business to just grow, grow, grow and you feel discouraged if things are moving slowly.  A lot of gurus will tell you that growth is overnight, but the reality is, it takes time to build a business. I also want to address the concept of passive income -> I think it is a bit of a myth. There are things you can automate, but your business is a living organism. You have clients to take care of, and you’ll have to adjust, adapt, and change things at times. With all that, I understand why you might be frustrated, confused…not knowing if it will work out. So on this episode of the She’s Wild & Radiant Christian Business Podcast, I want to talk about coping, about walking through different seasons in your business, and I hope to encourage you to enjoy the journey and enjoy the season you’re in.


God knows the season that you’re in, he knows exactly where you are and what you need. When you see someone else having the success you want though, it’s easy to become envious, feeling like your time is not coming right away as it should. I want to tell you that God KNOWS exactly what he’s doing! God has it handled, he is in charge of the timing and we don’t have to fight it because it’s ultimately for our betterment. 

If you’re having a hard time coping with the season you’re in, just know you’re right where you are for a reason. God knows how badly you want to build your business, he put that desire inside you. Just trust that he’s got it handled. He’ll say when it’s time to grow and in the meantime, you can build your business the right way.


Those who are quick to success are going to be quick to lose what they have. It’s like the one hit wonder concept. When we are gifted with too much all at once that we didn’t have to work hard for, strive for, shed tears for, we rarely appreciate it or have the ability to handle what such quick growth entails. You need goals, something to work for, metrics you want to hit. You need to be ready to build your business the right way.

Think about Rome; Rome wasn’t built in a day. Think about the mastery that comes with building an empire. It’s one thing to master building a home, an office building, or the aqueduct – mastering one thing at a time, but all of those things are going to add up to an incredible empire.

It’s going to be the same thing with your business. It’s going to take time and you have to make the choice to build it the right way. So again, why do we get so envious that our time is not coming right away if we haven’t put in the blood, sweat, and tears to build it?


Like I’ve said, this is not an overnight thing; you can’t just turn it on and walk away. My point is that you have to enjoy the journey and be in it for the long haul. Realistically, when we reach our goals we’ll just want more anyway…so why do we feel frustrated during the process? 

It makes me think of Genesis after the fall of man and it says essentially that man will be a slave to work (he will be obsessed with his work), but then I remember Ecclesiastes where it talks about how we are meant to enjoy our work!! I truly believe that God wants us to enjoy the journey regardless of where we are.

I want to tell you that you don’t have to stress or feel like you’re behind, it’s all part of the process and learning to cope with this is so huge. We have to be okay with the building and growing process. So, I’ll say it once again, be encouraged that God knows the season you’re in. It’s time to build your business the right way and enjoy the journey! 

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