77. {Icky Sales Tactics} How To Get Over Mental Selling Blocks Without Resorting To Sleazy Tactics – Online Biz Coaching Advice

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Sales don’t have to be complicated. I think as business owners we feel guilty about selling sometimes because we are afraid that we will come across as the sleazy car salesman and people will feel pressured to purchase what we have. What starts out as a real concern for the people we are working with turns into an insecurity on our end – which then hurts our bottom line and doesn’t allow us to help others as we have been called to help. So in today’s episode of the She’s Wild & Radiant Christian Business Podcast, we are breaking the mold when it comes to overcoming some of these mental blocks around sales.


The thing is, it really doesn’t have to be that hard. You are providing an option for a consumer, and they are mature enough to make a decision as to whether or not they should invest with you. You would actually be doing them a disservice if you didn’t offer up what you built – because it could truly help them with reducing their pain points. Never feel guilty for giving your potential clients a choice to work with you or not. And never feel guilty spending time communicating the value, benefits and information regarding that offer.


Connection is actually your biggest selling point – if you can connect with your potential clients then you are miles ahead of your competition. That’s why branding is so important. If you can learn to speak to their heart (which is so much easier when you run a business authentic to your calling), then selling will honestly feel like a conversation. Not to mention, sales start before you even officially pitch!


Lastly, remember that they started following you first. These clients were interested in your brand for a reason, and they said yes to you once they hit that follow button, subscribed to emails, contacted you and more. It doesn’t bother them to keep giving them value and presenting them with an offer. In fact, if it does, then it means they were not your client to begin with. And that’s okay! God has special clients just for you.

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