53. Looking Back at My Business Wins + Losses in 2021 (And What 2022 Will Hopefully Bring!)


January 11, 2022


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A new year is a time to look back and reflect on your wins and losses from the previous year. While we shouldn’t dwell on the past, looking back in the context of learning is so important. Evaluating your previous year helps direct your goals for the new year and gives you fuel to begin fresh with purpose and with more knowledge about how to move forward. This podcast is a snapshot of my year and what I learned.

2021 Wins:

My goal for 2021 was to start a podcast and be consistent in recording it. I am happy to say that I met that goal and am proud that I released 52 episodes last year and I am going strong into 2022. I also started a monthly membership site and have connected with so many amazing people. Another win is that I launched and built a whole new signature course for online course creators. I proudly hit the multi-6 figure mark and doubled my revenue this year and I am incredibly grateful to lead such an amazing community.

2021 Losses:

Not everything goes as perfectly as planned and I had some losses this year as well. I was excited to work with a Facebook Ads company but in the end, I felt cheated and my ad costs were higher than when I did it myself. My launches were smaller in the third quarter of 2021 but this was a hard year for online marketers with the world being as it is.

What I learned in 2021:

I am capable of great things. When I realized that I managed my Facebook ads better than a specialized company, it gave me confidence that I knew what I was doing. Even though my launches were smaller than I hoped for, I was still within the industry average for my profit margin. This year was tough for many, but it was a year of growth and strengthening for me personally and for my business. I am grateful that my husband had the freedom to leave his job and not feel forced into medical decisions that would jeopardize our values and what we feel God has called us to. What a year!

It has been a season of changing and shifting for me and so many others. I am claiming that 2022 is going to be a year of restoration for me as a faith-based business coach and coming out of the wilderness of 2021s. I have some lofty goals for the future: I want to scale and build my business, hire a bookkeeper and copywriter, plan a retreat in Costa Rica and more. 2022 is going to be big and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for you, for me and for our community. Thanks for being here.


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