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Hey there, my beautiful tribe! It’s your girl, Ashley June. Today we are going to dive deep into what it truly means to embrace your God-given calling and bring to life your online Christian coaching business. This isn’t just about making a living; it’s about making a life that connects purpose with passion and creates the kind of impact that echoes into eternity.

We’re talking big dreams, bigger faith, and the biggest heart to serve, inspire, and transform lives through the power of coaching rooted in Christ. So, buckle up, friends, as we dive headfirst into this adventure together, creating legacies, fostering generational blessings, and doing it all for His glory. Let’s ignite that spark within and turn it into a flame that lights the way for others. This is more than a journey; it’s a calling, and you, my friend, are here for such a time as this.

God Knows It All

Let’s kick things off by acknowledging that God’s got the master plan. When we step into the arena of online business, coaching, or scaling a business, it’s easy to get caught up in the ‘how’ and ‘when.’ But here’s the deal—God knows the beginning from the end. He’s already seen the success, the impact, and the transformation your business will bring. So, when the path seems foggy, remember, you’re working under the guidance of the greatest strategist. This journey of creating generational wealth, achieving financial freedom, and legacy building isn’t just a dream; it’s a divine assignment.

Everyone is Struggling

Here’s a universal truth we often forget—everyone is struggling. It’s not just you. Whether it’s fear, financial constraints, or the overwhelming thought of where to start, we’re all in this together. But what separates those who achieve their dreams from those who stay stuck is action… Action, despite the fear. Action, despite the uncertainty. It’s about making that bold move towards starting your online coaching business or scaling your existing platform to new heights. Remember, your struggle today is your testimony tomorrow.

There Will Never Be an Ideal Time

Waiting for the perfect moment to launch your online Christian coach business? Spoiler alert: that moment doesn’t exist. My journey is a testament to the fact that God’s timing often doesn’t align with our own. But it’s always perfect. It’s in the messiness, the uncertainty, and yes, even in the midst of a global crisis, that we find our true calling. So, let’s embrace the chaos, step out in faith, and trust that we’re exactly where we need to be.

As we wrap up today, I want you to hold onto this: your calling is now. The world needs what you have to offer. Whether it’s coaching, teaching, or simply sharing your journey to inspire others, now is the time to step into that space with confidence. With God by your side, there’s no limit to what you can achieve. Let’s build businesses that aren’t just successful in the worldly sense but are powerful instruments of God’s work on earth.

Stepping into God’s plan often means facing our fears, like fear of failure, doubts about timing, financial worries, or feeling overwhelmed by our schedules. My own leap of faith came at a tough time—launching the Selah Collective while my daughter was hospitalized due to a seizure at school. Far from ideal, but it was a profound lesson in trust and timing. Despite the challenges, I leaned on God, and I managed to be there for my daughter while successfully launching. It showed me that God’s timing is perfect, pushing us to grow beyond our perceived limits. This journey underscored that readiness isn’t about perfect conditions, but about bold faith and stepping out, even when the path seems unclear.

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