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Can I build an online business in 10 hours a week? I love this question and I get it all the time. You want to build an online business but you don’t want it to rule your life. So today I am going to give some quick coaching advice and answer this question.


Building a business and a life you love that supports your family mission and values in 10 hours a week is POSSIBLE! Now, it’s not going to start at 10 hours a week, but you’ll get there. You can absolutely build the schedule that you want, working as much or as little as you want. You can be there for the baseball games and school plays. You can have the freedom to travel, and to work during naptime. 

The most important element though, is actually showing up and being consistent. It’s easy to forget because at the beginning it’s so exciting, then the day after day routine sets in and it’s easy to lose focus and become distracted. When we don’t build in time to work on our business, we’ll notice that clients start to dry up and we’ll get discouraged not seeing the return for our work. So again, consistency is what will help you build the schedule that you want.


Getting to your ideal schedule doesn’t happen overnight, but you can get there much faster with strategic action. It really depends though on how quickly you want to build your business. If you want to launch in one to two months, it’s completely possible, but you’ll be putting in 40 hour weeks for those two months. If you want to launch in three to four months, which is more manageable, you’ll probably be putting in 20 hours a week. 

The key is focused action, where you know what you need to do and you’re just going to show up and do it. It’s definitely a lot of work to set up. Then after you’ve launched and your business is up and running, you’ll be in a stage of continuous testing. The testing part never really ends because you’ll have seasons where things work really well and then something will change so you’ll have to make some modifications. That’s the ebb and flow of business, but it’s doable and you just need to keep showing up.


If God is calling you to start a business, it’s time to start now. You don’t want to wait a month or six months; you’ll just be that far behind. Don’t get into the cycle of “I’ll start next month”, then it turns into the next and the next with no action. There’s never going to be a great time, financially or schedule wise. The good time to start is when you decide to say yes, and this is where you make the decision over your future and grab onto the dream that God has called you to. So, we need to stop ruminating over these decisions, and we need to take action. Because clarity comes with action.

So, how bad do you want it? How quickly do you want it? If you want to build that business where you’re only working 10 hours a week, you have to make decisions, move forward, and not get stuck in the details. Be decisive and trust that God will give you the answers step by step as you go. This is where faith comes in.


I want to remind you about the Free God-Given Online Biz Masterclass. I will teach you about my five phases of building a business that is in Biblical alignment with where God is calling you. Going through this process you will build the proper foundation for your business. So when crazy things happen, like we’re seeing in the economy, your house is going to withstand the storm.

Also, The Selah Collective applications are open. This is our group coaching program for coaches and course creators. We only have five open spots a month, and they may be full already, but I still encourage you to apply and that will get you on the waitlist for next month. The Selah Collective is a five phase program that will teach you how to build + launch + scale your online business to 10k+ months. 

One of the great things about this program is the incredible community! We do five calls a month together:

  • Application Calls- We do things like write marketing plans together, and write client stories. These are calls where you can actually apply what you learn.
  • CEO Planning Calls- We sit down and make plans for our businesses for the next month.
  • Bible Study Calls
  • Q+A Calls (twice monthly)

So, we have calls almost every single week where we’re meeting together as a community, just learning and doing life together, and building our businesses together.

Another huge benefit of the program is the weekly asset audits. If you have a sales page, a Facebook ad campaign, or email sequence you want me to look at, you just submit it and my team and I go through those and give you feedback and recommendations before you put it out into the world. 

In The Selah Collective, you not only gain knowledge, you get an amazing community, you get incredible feedback, and help with building your online business. So go ahead and apply!  And with Fall coming up, that’s the money making season, so now is the time to get started and get launched! 

Talk to you soon, have a great rest of your week!


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