82. 5 Tips For Talking To Your Husband About Investing In Your Business When They Don’t Think The Timing is Right

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“My husband doesn’t think I should invest in my business right now…” This is a comment I get more and more frequently and one I thought was important to discuss.

–> I am not addressing this to be salesy, weird or pushy. I am bringing this up because it’s something that your families actually have to discuss and I see a lot of women not advocate enough for themselves here 💍💍💍.

Listen sister, your husband doesn’t value your dream like you do. It wasn’t birthed inside of him, it’s something that God put inside of your heart to do. Not his (unless it’s a business you are actually building together). Which is why he might have a hard time understanding what a precious gift it would be to be able to invest in growing your business.

I’m not a marriage counselor, but I think it is incredibly important to be on the same financial page as your husband. Biblically, we are called to submit to one another, and wives are called to respect their husbands as husbands are called to love their wives.

So my advice here, if it’s a sticking point to him saying YES…​​​​​​​is to have a serious conversation with him.

First off, SHARE YOUR HEART and bring it to him. Don’t force it, be like Esther and take the risk but in an honoring way. On that same note, ADVOCATE for your God-given dreams here and really let him know what you desire and how important it is to you in a humble, yet direct and honest way.

Below are some talking points or things to consider…

1. Ask him honestly HOW he is going to support your business growth. As a wife and mother, women have to sacrifice a lot of their wants and needs to keep the household running. There is NO SHAME in doing this. But, if we’re not careful, it’s easy to put our callings aside and give all of ourselves to other people and situations which can then lead to burnout, resentment and depression honestly. I know this because I’ve been there – and my business was one of the few things that gave me joy during seasons where everything else seemed to hurt so much. So here, I would really ask your husband what he will do to support you and sacrifice in some way so you can TANGIBLY build your dream (i.e. investing in your dream financially, putting the kids to bed at night so you can get work done, etc.).

2. Talk about a timeline for your business growth. The reality is, if you’re at a sticking point and you aren’t sure what to do to grow or start your business, then you’ve probably tapped into all the free resources you could in order to grow. Confusion tends to set in when you’re trying to DIY and follow too many people when you’re in the building stages especially. It keeps you scattered and unfocused, and desperate for help (which is why programs like The Selah Collective are life-changing). So I would chat about a growth timeline with your husband – ask him if he would be ready to commit financially NOW, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, etc? You can’t just say “when I’m making money” because then there is no accountability and years will go by before you can actually make the dream a reality (and by then, you might be too burnt out to keep trying). 

3. Talk about what you would be willing to sacrifice in order to make it happen. Are there certain things that you spend money on that you could put aside? Maybe manicures, trips to Disney, new clothes, daily coffee habits, ordering food, etc.? Or maybe this is more of a discussion for the family – like delaying the purchase of a new car or house, delaying a vacation for a year, taking on overtime hours, finding a part-time job, having a smaller Christmas or selling some valuables that would help you invest more easily. Make a plan here!!

4. Talk about how investing in your dream is an investment into the family legacy and if you don’t, there is a cost associated with that. Explain to your husband how building something that you have been called to build is ultimately going to be an investment into your family – financially, in terms of time, relationships, purpose and more. In whatever way this applies – explain that part to him. I have clients who are working to make their dreams become a reality so their husbands can focus on farming, leave the corporate world, start their own businesses, have money for fun/travel/experiences, etc. Everyone has a REASON why, and maybe your husband just needs to hear in detail what your dream is for!

​​​​​​​AND…there is a cost associated by NOT investing in your business/purpose growth now – maybe that’s another year in a corporate job, having to send the kids to full-time daycare, scrimping and saving every month, waiting to buy that investment property, continuing to be stressed and in the exact same place a year later…truly, there is some kind of cost associated with not acting now.

5. Share success stories and ROI potential with him! I’ve been working with entrepreneurs since 2018 and have SO MANY SUCCESS STORIES!!! You can HEAR what past clients have to say in this video, but also check out the application page where a ton more are stored.

I think it’s helpful to consider that typically my clients can pay for their investment in 1-5 clients on average! That’s really not that hard to achieve when you have a step-by-step system that works for you. Your ROI (Return In Investment) can be super lucrative (and below are some screenshots from March/February months for me personally).

Also, what about the TIME VALUE OF MONEY? If you choose not to jump in now and just do the work and make the investment, how many years will you fall behind on your financial goals because you just didn’t get started. For example, if you start 6 months from today, then you’ll be in the exact same place as today (and it will probably be even harder to get started then if you don’t capitalize on the excitement and energy you have now).

I hope that helps a bit if you do have to have that conversation and that’s the only thing you need a blessing on. I have been there several times with my husband and ultimately have had to ask that he would trust me – and I would say 99% of my investments yielded good returns (and the few that didn’t, actually taught me SO MUCH and it was a lesson I needed to learn). 

OHHHH – and let your husband know that if your application is accepted, you have the option to schedule a call with me or chat over Instagram DMs before enrolling.

In this case, your husband is welcome to come ask questions in DMs or the call.  I’ve had a few spouses in the past who have come to these calls and it’s totally fine with me. 

Prayers for these conversations – I always pray that God will open the right doors for the right people coming into our programs.


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