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This month we are talking all about automation and passive income. Going into online business, there is the desire to have the freedom to travel, be present with family, work from home, live the BALI life🌴…We really want an automated, passive income business that gives us these freedoms.

I also want to talk about spiritual freedom – the world is crazy right now and we don’t know where things are headed. So, let’s do something that sets our purpose on fire, where we can take our ministry to the online marketplace, and we can help people all while building financial wealth and stability for our families.

Just a quick disclaimer – a business can never be completely on auto pilot; there are things that need tended to, tested and tweaked. But there are three stages to get to a point of automation – build + launch + scale.


Before you can actually do the building, you have to plan, create, and dream. This is a very time intensive process. It’s like building a house – before you can build, you have to draw the blueprints, you have to do all the planning. It’s the same with a business – you have to do the planning, creating & dreaming.

Then you get to build! This is the process of setting up the business, finalizing your product and offer so that it’s ready to be launched. 

This whole process makes me think of the journey of a car. In the building stage, the car is stopped, there’s no movement. You’re putting gas in it, you’re getting it ready to move, but it’s not moving yet.

When you have built what you need to build, you’re ready to launch it!


The launch stage is one that you’ll be in for a long while. You’ll have to see if your product actually sells, you have to test your concept. When your product is out into the world, you’ll start to gain an audience, start to gain some traction. But it’ll probably be slow moving for a while.

The launch stage is probably the most time consuming and hardest part of the process. Some days you’ll wonder, should I quit? Should I not quit? You don’t know yet if your business is going to work, if your product will sell. At this point, you’ll be testing and testing and testing until it works. You’ll be in the launch stage until you start to see some consistency in clients, sales, etc. 

In the journey of a car, this is the point where you are starting to gain some traction; you’re taking the car from being totally stopped and you’re pushing that car into motion. It’s heavy and it’s hard, but you’re starting to gain some momentum.

This is the point where you can dive into the scale stage.


The scale stage is where you can really put automation into overdrive. When you’re scaling, you basically take out the human element as much as possible to make it efficient so you can start hitting those higher numbers consistently month to month. Once you get to this stage, you can use automations to get as close to passive income as you can. 

This is not an overnight process, it does take time, but I always recommend going through the launch phase. I don’t recommend going straight to automation because I think you need to prove your offer. And during the launch phase is when you build connections with your clients and you’ll end up with a more loyal client base. 

As we’re pushing our car along the journey, the scale stage is the point where we hop in and are cruising on the highway.

This month is going to be great, we’ll be talking a lot more about automation. Summer is actually a great time to be working on scaling your business or to be working on automating things. Even if you’re in the build or launch phases, you can automate some things – email templates, or creating a nurture sequence for your clients. 

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