67. How to Make Extra Money on the Side So You Can Support Your Family and Be More Present with Your kids With Lisa Lord

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These days, Americans have started living in a way that requires two incomes. This has become a problem and is leading to the breakdown of family units because parents aren’t around to instill strong family values. Today on our Christian Business Podcast, our guest host, Lisa Lord, is breaking down ways to cut costs and make extra money on the side so YOU can be the one raising your family. Kids are a product of who they spend the most time with, so make sure it is YOU!

Who is raising your kids?

After all the expenses of childcare, how much money are you really making? Is it worth it to have someone else raising your kids and instilling their values instead of your own? The window of time you have with your kids at home is so short and it is the time they are most impressionable. Make sure they are learning the values and lessons that reflect Christ and your family morals.

How can you cut costs so you can be home more often?

Do you need to get rid of cable or a streaming service? Perhaps you could eat at home more or skip a family vacation. If you want to be at home more, you are likely going to need to adjust your spending habits. I promise, the sacrifice will be worth it!

Brainstorm ways to make extra money.

Take a hard look at your bottom line. How much do you need to live the life you want? Then you have to either adjust your income or adjust your lifestyle. Crunch the numbers to see how much money you need to make and then figure out how you can supplement your income by cleaning houses, being a virtual assistant, working at the kids’ school or doing childcare out of your home. It might feel like a step backward in your career, but the lifelong reward for your children is unbeatable.

It might take sacrifice in the short run to spend time with your kids and teach them Christian values, but it will pay off in the long run. There are a ton of ways to make extra money to supplement your income and give you family freedom in the process.


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