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Have you thought about how toxic mom culture can be? We go into parenthood with these big dreams, but often are disillusioned when the hard moments hit. And culturally speaking, we’ve created a dynamic where moms aren’t thriving – they are merely surviving, and off of fumes to boot.

Today on the Christian Business podcast, guest Jennifer Lacey, is sharing her wisdom on how to overcome the toxic mom culture and step into the joy and purpose of motherhood through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. From her own experience with adult ADHD and depression, Jennifer is pulling back the curtain on how she has learned to parent with grace and vulnerability.

Toxic Mom Culture

There is a permeating trend that says moms are a hot mess with no sleep and messy hair. It is true that being a mom is hard, but we need to make sure we are leaning into God’s strength and not our own. When we lean into the Holy Spirit and find our identity in Christ, we can find love, joy, peace and patience on a deeper level. By embodying these characteristics, we can model Christ’s character to our children.

Don’t Do it Alone

You can’t and shouldn’t do “the mom thing” alone. We were made to be in fellowship with others and we need a trusted community that can come alongside us to help in the journey. By combining a loving faith community and the Holy Spirit, we get a power packed punch to help us in the ring of parenting.

Embrace the Season – But Don’t Stay There

We need to be patient with ourselves and others who are struggling with heavy issues like depression, anxiety and mental illness. Our kids are watching, and they see how we deal with these issues. When we model healthy ways of dealing with heavy things though, our kids see that and are able to be more open with their struggles as well.

It is time for women to put themselves in a place where they can be physically and mentally available to their kids.

By releasing weaknesses and shortcomings, our hands are open to receive all that God has called us to. We don’t have to carry everything and sometimes asking for help is the first step toward healing and acceptance so we can be the mom we dream about being.


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