65. Save Our Kids: An Urgent Plea To Steer the Ship NOW & Fight The Cultural Seduction That’s Poisoning Their Hearts and Minds

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It is time to steer the ship and make some hard decisions when it comes to parenting our children in this fallen world. The cultural impact on our kids, teens and younger generation is widespread, deep and scary. It is time to be present for our kids and filter what is coming into our homes so we can raise them with biblical convictions and Godly influence. Today’s Christian Podcast is a plea for us to rise up and raise our children to be IN the world and not OF the world.

We Need Our Little Men to Rise Up

Men, fathers and husbands, it is time to rise up and teach our boys how to be Godly men. By using the Godly examples in the bible, the men in our lives can teach our boys how to be independent thinkers, leaders, and have strong masculinity. Boys need to get outside, be rough and tumble and learn how to become strong, Godly men.

The Jezebel Spirit Needs to Leave Our Girls

Jezebel is a sneaky spirit of control and seduction, and it is a spirit that wants to manipulate our girls and have them use their seduction to get what they want. This spirit wants to tell men that they have no control or ability to make decisions and takes the power away from men, which means it is silencing their warrior hearts. By sexualizing them at a very young age, it is teaching girls that they can get what they want by using their sexuality and body to manipulate and control things.

We Decide, As Parents, What the Future Will Look Like

It is time for us, as parents, to take a hard look at the influences we let into our homes. What are the major influences on our kids? Do they honor God? Perhaps it is time to go against the culture and take a hard look at what we are allowing influence over our children. Do we need to make some changes? Perhaps you need to find a different school or homeschool your kids. Maybe you need to get rid of streaming services or the internet on phones or devices. By being intentional and evaluating influences on our children we can take back what the culture has stolen from us.

As parents, we need to course correct and decide what we’re standing for and not just accept the cultural standard. It is time to be proactive and not reactionary when it comes to the cultural climate. Let’s make sure that we are protecting our kids, families, wives, and husbands and look to the bible for our moral standards. It is up to us to encourage the younger generation to be of high moral character and to become men and women who are counter-cultural and pleasing to God.


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