68. How to Restore Your Marriage Through Prayer and Be Rooted in Respect with Heidi Rubio


April 18, 2022


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Is today’s culture feeding women and wives a lie? We are bombarded daily with messages of female empowerment, but what does God say about His desire for our life and marriage? Culture says take care of yourself and be independent. God says surrender and deny yourself. Pride and lack of surrender can cause battles God never intended us to fight. Today on our Christian Business Podcast, I am speaking with guest Heidi Rubio about how God transformed and restored her marriage through the power of prayer! If you are a wife or want to be a wife someday, and you desire to learn what it’s like to have a marriage that’s rooted in a Godly respect, this episode is for you!

Surrender and seek holiness

We can turn everyday life into an opportunity to live like Christ by understanding that marriage isn’t here to make us happy, it’s here to make us Holy. Let’s break the toxic cycle we were raised with and let the Holy Spirit show us how our marriage is supposed to look. It isn’t up to us to make a spouse change but we can look inward, surrendering to God. When we truly love like Christ loves we are selfless, we keep no record of being wronged. 

Warring in Prayer 

Our battle is not against flesh and blood. Prayer breaks chains and is our best weapon against spiritual warfare. How we act and react can build things up or tear them down. With the Holy Spirit’s help, we can see change begin to take place by using words that are helpful, causing encouragement to those who hear! Become a prayer warrior for your spouse because bold prayers move mountains. 

Say No to Toxic Culture and Yes to our God Given Role

The world is defining what being a woman means. Society praises strong and independent women. Today’s culture says fight for equality when God says we are to be equally yoked with our husbands while fulfilling our role as wives. Men want our love, our respect, and to be needed by us, this is God’s design. Do we want to serve God or follow the world? God’s word says we should not look like the world. True strength is submitting to the Lord and going against the culture. 

Grace, Gratitude and Giving it to God

We often put expectations on a person because we want them to meet our needs, when true fulfillment only comes from the Lord. We must give grace to others the way God gives us grace every day. Gratitude changes our hearts and our entire perspective. It may not be easy, but God meets us where we are. Pray for help and expect Him to show up and guide you.


Heidi is a married mom of 3 boys. She started in the online coaching world after walking through her own season of a damaged marriage and its restoration. Heidi helps wives who have seen chaos in marriage due to living out playbooks that just don’t work. She guides women to develop habits and create solid foundations from God’s Word so joy, respect, and intimacy can flourish in their marriage. Follow Heidi on Instagram for more amazing tips, or Check out Heidi’s website here!

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