48. Always Becoming – Shattering Shame With Author + Purpose Activator, Tamra Andress

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Tamra Andress is joining us as a special guest on the podcast this week. Tamra is a rising leader in spiritual entrepreneurship and has utilized her entrepreneurial and relational expertise to align 1000’s within their business for prosperity and profit. Her new book We Are Always Becoming was just released with a huge success. She is sharing her incredible story of entrepreneurship, shame, motherhood and how to juggle all the balls without breaking them.

Weak Faith

Despite growing up in a “Christian Home” or going to youth group, we can still lack faith. Often it isn’t until we hit rock bottom or something shakes our life that we truly become grounded in God’s truth and encounter him. The most important thing is knowing that God has been preparing us, no matter your age, background or what you have done. He is knocking at the door and all we have to do is open it. We must have a firm foundation in Christ.

Hustle Culture

Often as entrepreneurs we are running hugely successful businesses but feeling like a failure as a wife, mom or friend. This hustle culture can be isolating, frustrating, exhausting and it is NOT what God has called us to. Even as a Christian business coach, I get stuck in this unhealthy trap.

Build Your Life on Intention

How do we overcome the hustle? By changing our mindset from busy to intentional. We are all busy. But take the time to really look someone in the eye, pray for them, be in the moment with them. Make the effort. Don’t let people challenge your intentionality or how much you’re doing, or how much is on your plate. You serve a God that’s gifted you, given you those desires and that ambition with purpose. He’s not going to give you more than you can handle.

Endurance exists

We all do a lot of juggling, but we need to juggle with purpose. Figure out which balls are glass and which are rubber. The glass balls you can’t drop or they will break (like God, marriage and kids), whereas the rubber balls will bounce back. Sometimes you can’t throw the glass balls up as high, but you can still keep from dropping them, and that is okay. 

Process vs. Destination

If you’re in a season of loneliness or isolation, it means that God’s getting ready to  launch you into something better. Sometimes we need to be stripped of something in order to break down our walls and allow others and God into our lives. As long as we have God as our foundation, we can move forward with purpose. It is okay to be in a season of gleaning, quiet and growth. God is preparing you to launch into a new season of purpose.

None of the things that you’ve walked through in the past are done in vain and God uses all things for good and for His purpose. It is time to obliterate shame and activate your purpose.


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