49. Hustle Over The Holidays – Are You Doing Enough This Season?


December 7, 2021


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I love the holidays but every year I feel like I do too much. Can anyone else relate? This year in order to avoid the holiday hustle, I made sure to plan with my team so that I wasn’t doing any big launches or major campaigns in December. It can be hard with all of the sales, campaigns and pushes this time of year to feel like you need to jump on board and do everything. You don’t have to fall into that trap. As a faith-based business coach, here are my thoughts on the Holiday Hustle and how to avoid it this year.

Don’t kill yourself to push something halfway. 

I often fall into the trap of trying to push something this time of year. I try to create something intensive “really quick” but it always takes longer than I think and the return on investment isn’t worth it. My advice is….let it go! It doesn’t hurt to push something small from now to the end of the year, but if you don’t have the inspiration, energy or need to do it, then don’t!

Eliminate the GUILT & Obligation of working during the holidays. 

We tend to operate out of guilt. Black Friday has passed and it feels like we have to do “all the things”. But we need to have a purpose for this season. Ask yourself, what is the purpose of what you are pushing right now. If it doesn’t fit in the box of what is important to you, then let it go.

Be present and work less. 

Give yourself permission to take shorter days and savor the holiday cheer. Attend parties, spend time with your family, savor the hot chocolate and be thankful for our Lord and Savior and the fact that he came to earth to save us.


Remember, your customers or clients won’t notice if the email goes out before 5:00 but your kids will notice if you are too busy to cuddle them. Take the time to savor what is important this holiday season. And when it comes time to plan for 2022 make sure you leave room in your December calendar for down time!


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