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No more excuses! If you’ve read up on habit culture, you know that habits are the key to productivity, big moves, and getting your life and business into that next level of success.

“I’ll Do It Later”

How many times have we all said, ‘“I’ll just do it later”? It seems to be ingrained in our society these days.  We overpromise and under-deliver. Habits like these create poor customer experiences. It’s not too late to begin working on this! That perfect customer experience is so worth it. 

I did a small experimental program with a group of students once. I was helping strategize workflow for their businesses and at the end of the program the data showed that the unsuccessful students only completed 5-10% of the tasks assigned. The problem here is when we say “I’ll do it later” we don’t meet the expectations that we set for ourselves. This can lead to our businesses not being successful and not making the waves that we’re looking for. Everything takes work.

“I Don’t Have Time”

Sometimes we do have to have grace for those times when we can’t just power through because we really don’t have the time. But let’s evaluate why we don’t have the time. Are we spending too much time on parts of our business that don’t need it? Are we operating in a reactive or proactive way? Did we accurately plan for those busy times and accomplish the tasks at hand instead of rushing later?

This one is hard for me as a Christian women’s business coach. I can often work in a reactive way, and that’s because I crave freedom. I don’t naturally like boundaries or habits and that’s why I’ve had to seek out the right processes to build healthy boundaries and habits. Often when I think about this excuse, it’s because I don’t want to have to do what I said I would do. Sometimes we say we want something but we really don’t. That’s where we have to take ownership over what we say we want, and how we accomplish those things.

“I Don’t Need Help”

Raise your hand if you’ve been here. 

…I like doing things myself.

…I don’t need help.

…I’m a professional DIY’er. 

However, if you’re not able to move the needle by letting someone else help, you’ll never reach that next level. 

As we continue to grow our businesses, it can be tough to ask for help because it opens us to criticism. It is huge to break through that resistance because this is a way to limit ourselves. Let’s think about how God calls us to help one another. We’re here to support and serve one another. Our very salvation exists because God provided it for us through his Son.

When I was at Azusa Pacific the speaker Francis Chan came to speak at a chapel. I remember his story of his daughter and when she would pull on her pigtails without realizing she was the one causing herself pain. We create our own pain when we refuse help. Not only does it hurt us, but it limits our business as well. 

“I Can’t Afford That”

Everyone has their own mindset when it comes to finances and we have to acknowledge our limitations. The issue here, though, can be a value problem. Oftentimes, it comes down to prioritizing one thing over another. When someone tells me they can’t afford something we take a look at what else they are spending money on and where we can change things up.

Ask yourself, do I really want to grow my business to grow? What am I prioritizing over the next level? If you want to lose 30 pounds but choose to eat donuts every day, you’re not choosing weight loss over donuts. Those moments of choosing transformation and growth over the status quo are hard, but consider whether the reasons for not prioritizing the cost is an excuse or legitimate. 

My question to you is, which of these excuses is dictating your life? How dramatically have these excuses affected where you are today versus where you could be? At the end of the day, we need an accountability mindset and to stop the excuses. Let’s get uncomfortable with the process; in the discomfort is where we learn and grow.


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