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You are in for a treat because we have Holly Hungerford as a guest on the podcast! She is going to talk about how she has overcome anxiety and how she is using that as a ministry opportunity to help others in their relationships.

How do you know so much about anxiety?

Holly: Since childhood, I have always had nervousness and anxiety but my extreme anxiety started when I was in an abusive and toxic relationship in college. God has done a great work in me and led me through deep healing and now I get the opportunity to share how He truly can set us free from the things that hold us down. We have all felt nervous or bullied at school or in social situations so we can all relate to the feeling of anxiety on some level.

How did you get started in talking about anxiety and the church?

Holly: I have a blog and have now written a book. I honestly didn’t want to talk about this or let people know that I struggled with it. It is one of those things we keep hidden for a reason, right? But the Holy Spirit kept prompting me and leading me to share what He had done in my life and to share my story. I started as a blog, which was intended to be a devotional to help process what I was going through. Then doors started to open and prompting to write my story in a book, which was uncomfortable  but if it is going to help ONE person, then it is worth it.

What is your book about?

Holly: It is all about my redemptive story and how God took something painful, broken and dark and turn it into beauty. I had relationship anxiety for 10 years because of a past abusive relationship and things would easily set me into a spiral of anxiousness and almost PTSD. In that relationship I felt trapped, fear and even bodily responses like headaches and stomachaches.  But God has healed me of those things and turned it around for me.

How do we overcome anxiety?

Holly: Call it out. Find out what is triggering those feelings. Diagnose what you are feeling and why. Stop feeding the anxiety and don’t lean into it. If you are bothered by the negative news and it causes you to feel anxious, then turn it off! The biggest thing we can do is meditate on truth, go to God’s word and focus on peace. Then keep practicing that over and over: stop feeding the lies, and immerse yourself in God’s truth. Put on the armor of God and step into battle.

What are some practical steps to help deal with anxiety?

Holly: Be in God’s word every day. Be intentional with our worship and mindsets. If you know it is going to be a stressful day or situation, leave time for prayer, a walk, coffee with a friend or Netflix to help you cope. Have a community that can love and support you. Use that pain to become a force to be reckoned with!

Where can people find you?

Holly: My blog is, on Instagram I am @bellaholly and my book Generation Insecure can be found on Amazon.

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