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Next week we are going to have 12 Days of Radiant Joy – including 12 mini-trainings over 12 days! Sign up below! We’re going to talk about how to have joy in building, launching, and scaling your online coaching program, your online course, or online business. Being called into being an entrepreneur is awesome – and we want to thank God for that opportunity, whether you are starting a business, or ready to scale your business

This truly is the season of joy, but it is easy for hope to be deferred and joy to be lost when we’re working on our business. As builders of our business, we are building it with our blood, sweat, and tears – so let’s infuse some joy back into our lives over the coming days! If you are looking for hope or joy or simply reclaiming what has been lost – this is for you! 


Join 12-Days of Radiant Joy for Coaches & Course Creators! Starting on Monday, December 5, join us for 12-Days of Mini-Trainings filled with Radiant Joy this holiday season. I know you need to be encouraged and reminded of the calling and gift that you have been given in starting and growing an online business. It’s my chance to speak LIFE and JOY over you as we remember that Jesus is the REASON for this season – and He has called you to a joyful purpose.

The Selah Collective is accepting new applicants this month! We only open up 5 spots for faith-filled coaches and course creators each month, so make sure to apply so you don’t miss out. It’s a wonderful time to get started with our team before the calendar turns to the new year!  Take advantage of a surprise bonus (I’m announcing it next week!) designed to help you get started quickly in 2023! 

Click here for info about my FREE Masterclass: Build Your Online Business Around Your God-Given Calling. Learn how to shut down the fear and claim the faith while booking out and building your God-Given online coaching or course based business in the next 90 days! Just starting out or ready to scale? You don’t want to miss this free class!

As a Christian Business Coach, I have created an amazing community of faith-based entrepreneurs. Check out my free community and connect with other entrepreneurs who are Wild + Radiant just like you!

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