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Faith-Based Biz Convo + Coaching Every Week

for wild + radiant Christian women entrepreneurs who are ready to claim their stories and scale their business while staying in courageous alignment with God’s calling on their life. 

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Today on the Christian Business Podcast, She’s Wild + Radiant, I’m answering the very common question: “Should my business be outwardly faith-based and should I only market to Christians?” I’m sharing my own story of struggling to step into a faith-based business. I’m also diving into how you can navigate answering these questions for yourself as you start an online business or make a pivot in your business. Whether you are a coach or course creator, or have a service-based business, God can totally change your heart and help you build a business the way he wants you to!

We’re truly tapping into the ultimate question: where are you called?

112. Should I Only Market to Christians in My Coaching Business and Should My Online Business Be Outwardly Faith-Based?